NetEnt Live Casino Games - Reinventing the Casino Segment, One Game at a Time
Posted in Industry October 2, 2017

NetEnt Live Casino Games – Reinventing the Casino Segment, One Game at a Time

When it comes to innovations and breaking the mold, NetEnt is one of the brands in the casino industry that truly stands out. Based in Stockholm, the company is a known player in the industry, offering the market with stand-out games and gaming solutions that do not just entertain, but also provide value to players and casino operators. A testament to its leadership can be found in its investments in innovations that are regularly shown to its customers and the market and general. The company is a regular exhibitor and participant to ICE, and during the ICE 2017, the company once again showed the reasons why it’s a leader ahead of the pack with its new innovations in casino games and virtual reality, particularly its live casino offering. For ICE 2017, NetEnt has showcased a number of new innovations, including a new live casino game and the NetEnt Live Rewards, a revolutionary reward system.

NetEnt Live – Full-featured Live Casino Platform for All

Attention to details and commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience. This is just one statement that can fully capture the services and promises of NetEnt to its customers, players and the market in general. Known for facilitating more than 100 million spins yearly, with its games and services available in 25 languages and known for logging 75,000+ hours worth of live-streaming a month, NetEnt is clearly a leader in the industry. But the great thing about NetEnt is that it does not rest on its laurels – it always provide the market with the best gaming solutions, in the form of new innovations like a live casino platform and by working with real players to offer an authentic casino experience. Its games, including the new live casino platform, are designed in collaboration with real players to offer a gaming experience that satisfies everyone. To ensure a truly competent and satisfying experience, its live casino platform is packed with features including:


  • Easy-to-use interface, which allows players to enjoy the games in both the landscape and portrait mode
  • Outstanding sound effects and graphics, enhanced in advanced smartphones
  • Available in 25 languages and currencies, expanding the reach of the casino service
  • Comes with Chroma key technology, allows for easy integration of live high-definition images for improved player experience


Aside from these features that enhance the games, NetEnt has recently introduced another interesting feature that can enhance its service offering – the NetEnt Live Rewards. This is considered an automation engine that helps improves the promotions of a casino operator. With this feature in place, casino operators are given the chance to customize their casino campaigns and come up with bespoke casino offers that can help create a rewarding and a truly unique casino experience. Aside from the ability to come up with distinct promotions, this live casino feature also allow operators to come up with creative designs and colors for these promotions to appeal to a diverse set of players and devices. In short, the NetEnt Rewards is a helpful tool for all operators who want to engage more customers and motivate them to play the live casino platform. All campaigns can be created in a matter of minutes, and the rewards can come in different forms, from Free spins to cash bonus.

Explore the NetEnt Live Casino Games – Today

NetEnt is currently known for its three leading live casino games in the form of Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Common Draw Blackjack. Its Live Roulette offering is also best for mobile devices, and known for simple interface and advanced video and audio technologies that help promote a satisfying casino experience. This live game is available in different languages, and can be enjoyed in portrait or landscape mode.

Another live product offering of NetEnt is Live Blackjack, and comes with an innovative interface with impressive graphics. Live Blackjack is designed as a player-friendly game, thanks to the addition of different features and options that help simplify the games. On top of the authentic and real-time interaction between the dealer and the player, the game also comes with history and statistics that can help players track their play. The system allows the players to view the last 10 hands of the players, which can be helpful for new players who are just mastering the system.

And the latest offering from NetEnt is the Live Common Draw Blackjack best for desktop gaming. This game can host a number of players at the same time, and can host different currencies. This is another innovation from NetEnt, aiming to provide the market with a more social live table game.

NetEnt is continuously striving to provide the market with highly engaging and innovative live casino games, and this can be seen in the quality of live casino games. With NetEnt Live, players and the industry in general can expect the engaging casino action, every time.

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