Your Complete Guide to Casino Match Bonuses

Get More From Your Deposits With Casino Match Bonus

Casino perks and promotions come in many forms, and the availability of these online casino bonuses will ultimately depend on the set objectives and the target niche and customers of the casinos. For example, the ‘Refer a Friend’ bonus is an example of a casino promotion designed as a marketing approach to expand its customer base. With this promotion, existing members of the casino are given the opportunity to earn from referrals. Welcome Bonuses on the other hand are given to entice more players to sign up, and explore the video slots offered by the casino. There’s also the concept of no deposit bonus which is given to players so they can try as many games as possible.

Perhaps the most common form of casino perks and bonus is the match bonus, a tested and highly popular casino bonus that is consistently offered by casinos. From the casino operator’s stand-point, this is the safest bonus to offer, since this is not open to abuse, and will be based on the amount of bonus that will be deposited by the member. It’s called match bonus because the casino will base the bonus, based on the deposits made. But there are some instances that this type of casino bonus may vary over time, depending on the kinds of promotions and campaigns the casino is running.

What are Some Examples of Casino Match Bonuses?

Casino match bonuses may vary depending on the amount (or percentage) allowed by the casino, and the terms that come with the offer. Listed below are the popular examples of match bonuses offered by casinos.

  • 50 percent match bonus
    If this is the casino offering, this means that the player will get an additional 50 percent on the bankroll. If the player makes a €100 deposit, this means that the casino will credit an extra €50 into the account. In short, the bankroll becomes larger, at€150
  • 100 percent match bonus
    This is the most popular form of match bonus that’s available and offered by casinos today. Of all the variations of match bonuses, the 100 percent bonus is considered the most fair for the player and the casino. This casino offer is structured in such a way that the casino will instantly double the player’s bankroll. For example, if the player decides to deposit €100, the casino will add an extra EUR to the account, and in the process doubling the player’s bankroll. Now, pay attention to the terms of the match bonus promotions. Some casinos will put a ‘cap’ on this specific bonus promotion. For example, the casino may advertise that it will offer a 100 percent match bonus, up to €300. This means that the maximum bonus that you will receive is €300, no matter how much money you deposit
  • 200 percent or higher match bonuses
    If you are lucky, you will find casinos that can match your deposits by more than 150 or 200 percent or even more. If you will find casinos that will offer more than 150 percent, expect more conditions in place, including strict wagering requirements
  • Match bonuses bundled with Free spins
    Thanks to stiff competition online, casino operators are left with no choice but to become creative in their bonuses and marketing promotions. An example of this is the use of a match bonus that’s bundled with Free spins. For example, a certain casino right now may offer a 100 percent match bonus, bundled with 105 Free spins.

What to Look for When Shopping for Casino Match Bonuses?

As they say, casino perks like match bonuses are not created equal. As an informed and responsible casino player, it pays to be aware of the bonus offers, and the terms that comes with it.

  1. Always check the wagering requirements (W.R) that comes with the match bonus promotion. Sometimes, a higher match bonus will feature stringent wagering requirements
  2. The casino’s wagering requirements (W.R) will require players to wager the deposit and bonus amount a certain number of times before the winnings can be officially withdrawn. Some casinos will identify additional restrictions, including the kinds of games that can be played, and the validity of the match bonus. For example, some casinos today will give players up to 30 days to use the match bonus, otherwise the funds will be forfeited
  3. Be wary about bonuses that exceeds 500 percent. If you think that the offer is ‘too good to be true’, it’s always best to ask around, and check casino reviews
  4. Minimum deposit may be required. Some casinos will also require a minimum deposit before it can offer its match bonus. The minimum deposit starts at €20, but some casinos may also increase the limit to €100
  5. List of eligible games. As part of its Terms & Conditions (T&C) that govern the release and use of match bonuses, certain casinos may identify a list of casino games where the use of the match bonuses is allowed
  6. Successive match bonuses for multiple deposits. Loyalty pays in casino gaming, and this is manifested in the quality of bonuses offered, including match bonuses. To engage more customers, some leading casinos may offer match bonuses not for just deposit, but for the succeeding deposits made, usually up to third deposit. For example, a first deposit will net a 100 percent match, the second deposit will have a 75 percent match, and the third will have a 50 percent match
  7. Casinos reserve the right to cancel a promotion. To protect its business and ensure that promotions are not subjected to abuse, casinos often reserve the right to cancel the bonus. If the casino operator notices instances of abuse of the bonus, the participating casino reserves the right to cancel the bonus, or even temporarily suspend the account

The availability of match bonuses offered by casinos is just one of many customer-friendly promotions. Thanks to these casino bonuses, players can expect additional funds that can be used to play more and compete with other players. In short, this casino promotion gives you more chances of winning the greatest payouts, without having to deposit more cash.

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