The Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Progressive Jackpots

The Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Progressive Jackpots for 2020

Progressive jackpots – they’re the ultimate casino machines, regularly churning out life-changing sums of money to players lucky enough to win them. When we say life-changing, we don’t just mean a couple of hundred thousand either, or even a million. This is because some progressive jackpots can be higher than €10 million, as you’ll see further down this page.

For online casino players, progressive jackpot machines are some of the most popular, and this is simply down to the prizes. The majority of progressive jackpot casino games are online slots, however there are progressive jackpots found at other types of games too, including video poker and Caribbean Draw Poker. So, if you want to find out everything you need to know about progressive jackpots, keep on reading!

What are Progressive Jackpots?

This is perhaps the most important section on this whole page, as it will explain what progressive jackpots are, and how they can become so big. So, progressive jackpots are not set, as is the case with most games. Instead, they increase as each player spins the reels, cumulating over time. It’s generally the case that around 7% of each bet is taken for the progressive jackpot. Games with a single progressive jackpot will add money simply to that one jackpot, while games with multiple progressive jackpots will distribute the funds in accordance with the terms and conditions.

But why do progressive jackpots get so high? Well, it’s because they are often incredibly tough to win. This means that it can sometimes take months for a progressive jackpot to be won, meaning that loads of players have been contributing to the jackpot over that period of time. When a progressive jackpot is won, it is then restarted, and each progressive jackpot has its own minimum amount.

It should be mentioned that you have the same chance of winning the progressive jackpot every time you spin the reels, regardless of how large the jackpot is. So, whether the jackpot has just been won, or whether it has reached over €10 million, you’ll always have the same chance to win it. Of course, it makes sense to play the game with the biggest current progressive jackpot though! You’ll be able to find out about some of the progressive jackpot games currently on offer at the best online casinos further down this page.

How to Participate in Progressive Jackpot Games

The first thing to do if you want to play a progressive jackpot game is simple: you need to find a great online casino to play them at. The easiest way to do this is to read through the various reviews here on this site, all of which are really detailed, telling you everything you need to know about the online casino in question. There are loads of good online casinos currently, so you’ll have a nice selection to choose from.

Then, after signing up and depositing, you need to head to the progressive jackpot section. Some sites might not have this section, so you’ll instead have to search for the progressive jackpot games instead. It’s then simply a case of picking the progressive jackpot game that looks best to you – which is usually the one with the biggest jackpot – and starting to play!

You might be concerned at this point about what happens when you win a progressive jackpot. After all, some online casinos have maximum withdrawal amounts, so won’t it take months, or even years, to withdraw your massive win? Fortunately, this is not the case, as the progressive jackpots are paid by the game producer (also referred to as the software provider), such as Microgaming or NetEnt, and not the actual online casino. So, if you win, you won’t need to worry about the withdrawal restrictions at your chosen casino.

How Big Can Progressive Jackpots Get?

In theory, progressive jackpots can reach an unlimited amount of money, however probability dictates that they are won at some point. The size of a progressive jackpot really depends on the number of people who play the slot. For example, Mega Moolah by Microgaming has loads of players, so the jackpot builds up incredibly quickly, however some progressive slots from smaller producers don’t see the jackpots increasing so quickly.

The largest ever prize won at a progressive jackpot game was won by a lucky player from Finland though, who scooped a massive €17,861,800 when playing Mega Fortune, the great progressive slot machine from NetEnt. This was won while playing at PAF Casino, and the lucky winner had only bet €0.25 on the winning spin. Mega Moolah from Microgaming has given the second largest jackpot of all time, which was won by a player from the UK playing at Betway Casino, and he won an impressive £13.2 million.

Mobile players are also able to win progressive jackpots, and the largest amount ever won at a mobile casino is €7.9 million. This was won by a player at Zodiac Casino, who was playing using an iPad. The slot in question was Mega Moolah – a slot that features prominently in the top online casino wins of all time. This win also shows the importance of casino promotions, as this jackpot was won by a player using bonus funds! To read about more amazing wins on progressive jackpots, check out our infographic on The 8 Biggest Hit Casino Jackpots of 2016 and 2017.

The Top Progressive Jackpot Providers

In the online casino world, there are three names that stand head and shoulders above all other game providers, and they are Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. All three of these companies offer some huge progressive jackpots to players, and at least one of them is found at the majority of different online casinos. Of course, there are also other providers as well, however they aren’t as popular, therefore don’t attract as many players. Because they don’t attract as many players, it means that the jackpots of their progressive games don’t get as high.

It should also be mentioned that, while there are many game types offering progressive jackpots, it is slots that always offer the biggest prizes. This is simply because slots are the favourite game of most online casino players. This doesn’t mean that the jackpots found at games such as video poker and Caribbean Draw Poker aren’t large though.

An Overview of the World’s Top Progressive Slots

Below you’ll find details about many of the world’s best-known progressive slot games, including how to play them, as well as how high their progressive jackpots can become.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive slot from Microgaming, and it is arguably the most popular game of this type in the world. It has a fun jungle theme, meaning that this slot is fun to play, even if you don’t win the top prize, plus it also has some nice bonus features. There are actually four different progressive jackpots at this slot, however the largest of them – which has been known to rise to over €17m, is the Mega Jackpot. The progressive jackpots can be won by players playing at any stakes, however the odds increase when playing at higher stakes. The bonus game that leads to the progressive jackpot is triggered randomly, and it will see you spin a wheel. If you land on the section with a paw print, you’ll win the Mega progressive jackpot. You are guaranteed to win at least one of the jackpots when the bonus game is triggered.

Mega Fortune

As previously mentioned, Mega Fortune holds the record for the largest ever online casino win, as it paid out a massive €17.8m to a player in 2013. The luxurious theme might not be to every player’s taste, as it has been used many times in the past, but this is a really enjoyable slot to play. To start the progressive jackpot feature, you’ll need to get three Bonus symbols on consecutive reels. You’ll then see a wheel with multiple levels. If you can advance to the centre of the wheel, you’ll win the Mega Jackpot. There are also two other smaller jackpots that can be won when playing this progressive online slot.

Mega Fortune Dreams

The original Mega Fortune slot was so popular that NetEnt decided to create a sequel, and this sequel has gone down equally as well with slots players, Mega Fortune Dreams is an excellent slot. What’s more, it shares the same jackpot as the original game, so players playing either version will contribute towards the massive jackpot prize – and have the chance to win millions and millions when they spin the reels. The theme of this slot is similar to the original game, however it has more of a Caribbean feel. The way in which the progressive jackpot is won is exactly the same as Mega Fortune.

Jackpot Giant

Jackpot Giant is one of Playtech’s top progressive slot machines, and it is set during the Stone Age. The theme is a really enjoyable one, ensuring that even those who don’t win will have a great time, and there are a number of different features – something that isn’t always the case at progressive slots. To win the progressive jackpot, you need to get five wild symbols across the first payline. There’s no bonus game – instead, the money is won straightaway! Unlike some other slots, you’ll need to play at the maximum stake to be able to win the progressive jackpot at this slot though.

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is another progressive jackpot slot from NetEnt, and one that is nearly as popular as Mega Fortune, their flagship progressive slot. It has a Norse theme and twenty fixed paylines, and anyone can win the progressive jackpot, regardless of their bet amount. Like most progressive slots though, the higher your bet, the more likely you are to win the progressive prize. To start the progressive jackpot bonus game, simply get three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You’ll then be able to win one of three progressive prizes, with the largest being the Mega Jackpot.

Arabian Nights

It might not be the best-looking slot around, however Arabian Nights has become a firm favourite with online slots players. It is another slot created by NetEnt, and can be played on both desktop and mobile, meaning that you can win wherever you happen to be! There are no bonus games involved when winning the progressive jackpot. Instead, NetEnt have decided to keep things simple, by only requiring a player to get five jackpot symbols across an active payline. If it’s a simple progressive video slot you’re looking for, Arabian Nights could well be a great choice! The progressive jackpot at this slot tends to get up to around the €2,000,000 mark.

Icy Wonders

Icy Wonders is a slot from NetEnt and, as the name suggests, it has a chilly theme. You’ll see everything from penguins through to polar bears when you spin the reels at this slot, and if you’re lucky, you’ll also see this game’s potentially huge progressive jackpot! There are two different progressive jackpots at this game. The Wonder Jackpot is won when four jackpot symbols appear on a payline, while the larger Mega Wonder Jackpot is won when a payline is filled with five jackpot symbols. The main progressive jackpot isn’t as large as some other slots, however it can still exceed €100,000. Why don’t you give Icy Wonders a try, today?

Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods is a fantastic progressive slot from Playtech, and it is based on four Greek mythological characters, namely Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and Hercules. As with most Playtech progressive slots, the jackpot at this game can be worth millions, and even those who don’t manage to win will enjoy this slot’s great theme. Players at any stake level can trigger the random jackpot, however bigger bets will have a higher chance of winning this game’s top prize. There are also other names in the Ages of the Gods series, all of which share the same progressive jackpot.

Major Millions

Major Millions is a progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming, and it comes in two different forms. There’s a simple classic slot, as well as a video slot with five reels and some nice features. Both of them share the same progressive jackpot though, and both also offer you the same chance of winning the big prize. If you’re a classic slots fan, this is probably the best progressive slot around, and it is also usually the one that offers the biggest potential prize. While Mega Moolah is Microgaming’s flagship slot, Major Millions is still well worth playing, as it often has a jackpot in excess of €1.5m.

Monster Madness

Monster Madness, as the name suggests, is a slot with a spooky theme. It is from Pragmatic Play, which isn’t the largest software provider in the world, however the jackpot can still be huge. In fact, it can sometimes be over €2,000,000, which is certainly not a small amount! Winning the progressive jackpot doesn’t involve playing a bonus game – instead, you just have to get five haunted house symbols across an active payline. This slot isn’t found at that many casinos though, due to the fact that it’s from one of the online casino world’s smaller software producers.

Joker Millions

This is a progressive slot from the people over at Yggdrasil Gaming, so you know that it’s going to look great. It has a classic feel, however doesn’t play like a classic slot, as it has a few interesting features for you to enjoy. To win the progressive jackpot, you’ll need to get a Joker symbol on each reel. This will then initiate a respin, and another Joker spinning into view will then lead to another respin. If you can keep getting respins and manage to fill the entire screen with Jokers, you’ll win the progressive jackpot, which can be over €3,000,000.

Beach Life

Beach Life is a slot that many players will already be aware of, as it is one of the most popular progressive slots around. This Playtech slot has a pretty basic look and feel, and comes with a holiday theme. People don’t play this slot for the graphics though – they play it for the progressive jackpot on offer, which can sometimes be over €6m! To win the progressive jackpot, you won’t have to play a bonus game – simply spin in five sun symbols on the 20th payline and you’ll be a winner. Because the progressive jackpot can only be won on the 20th payline, you’ll have to play all the paylines in order to win it. Protection Status