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What is a Reload Bonus? Shoot for the Best Jackpots and Play More!

Persistence and loyalty pay when playing casino games and participating in tournaments. Although most of the instant win games offered by casinos run through a Random Number Generator (RNG) technology and the outcome of some table games are dependent on the level of player skills, regularly playing casino games can bring dividends in the end. And these dividends are not just in the form of prizes – today, casino operators are rewarding players who are loyal to the casino, and who have consistently played the casino games. Some of the popular freebies and bonuses given to loyal and regular players are the loyalty bonuses and points, with different casinos offering its own set of loyalty programs and schemes. Aside from this classic offer, casino operators also reward regular players through its reload bonus. Under this bonus scheme, players get a chance to earn bonuses for every deposit made on the casino. The more re-deposits or reloads made at the site, the larger the reload bonus will be.

Reload Bonus as a Stand-Alone Offer and Part of the Welcome Bonus

In an effort to engage more players and retain their membership, casinos now offer a reload bonus. The amount of bonus that can be enjoyed by a player depends on the casino, but usually it is a function of a percentage, that normally range from 50 to 150 percent of the first deposit made on the casino. In some cases, the reload bonus offer of the casino is bundled with a Free spins offer, and this especially works for casinos with a huge selection of slot games.

Traditionally, this bonus is designed to be part of the Welcome Bonus given to new members of the casino. If this is the case, the new member of the casino will get a bonus for every new deposit made on the website, up to fourth or fifth deposit. In some cases, the reload bonus works as a stand-alone bonus, which can be given by the casino at any time, usually in celebration of an important event or promotion. For example, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, one online casino may offer a reload bonus for the next few days. Just remember that just like other casino bonuses, the reload bonus offer is also subject to certain conditions, like wagering requirements and targeted games.

How Can You Earn and Qualify for Casino Reload Bonus?

Aside from a new casino player that will qualify for the welcome offer, players can earn reload bonus depending on their status on the casino, or if they complied with the requirements of the casino. Some casinos will configure the reload bonus amount (or percentage) which depend on the VIP status level of the player. This tiered approach to releasing the reload bonus is now practiced by many casinos that maintain a VIP program. In many casinos today, the reload bonus is actually an extension of the Welcome Bonus offer. As soon as the player decides to open an account and submits the first deposit, he is now automatically eligible to earn the reload bonus for succeeding bonuses that he will make on the side. The amount that can be earned is a percentage of the initial deposit that was made.

In many casinos today, the reload bonus is actually an extension of the Welcome Bonus offer.

Other casino operators will send e-mails to inactive players offering them a chance to take part in the reload bonus offer. This is an example of a marketing campaign to motivate the players to ‘reactivate’ their accounts with the casino, and allows them to wager more and play casino games. In short, the objective of this offer is to stimulate the passive casino player to check out the casino once again, and take part in the games. In the previous examples, the reload bonus is given to players to engage them to play more, and as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to players for their continued patronage. Another approach to earn this bonus is through the use of bonus codes.  Some casino review websites will offer codes that can be used when signing up for an account on a specific website. These codes must be entered when signing up to enjoy the bonus.

Other Questions About Reload Bonuses, Answered

As a top casino offer, reload bonus has been the subject of many questions. Here are some of the concerns and questions raised about this bonus, and the answers to keep everyone informed and properly guided:

  1. Can I cash out your reload bonus?
    Some casino players will automatically think of withdrawing the bonus as soon as this has been reflected in the account. Well, just like other bonuses, the reload offer is also subject to wagering requirements that will range from 30x to 40x. An understanding of the Terms & Conditions (T&C) is needed before using the bonus offer
  2. Can I use the reload bonus on other casino games like poker?
    This depends on the conditions set forth by the casino. But in principle, this casino bonus can work on different kinds of games. Just to be sure, check out what kind of reload bonus is offered. Some casinos will specify if the bonus is a poker reload bonus. Also, there are times when the reload bonus will run for a limited time, or associated with a specific listing of games or casino tournament
  3. Is there a difference between the Welcome Bonus offer and the reload bonus?
    As mentioned, the reload bonus can be bundled with the welcome offer. But on top of this, keep in mind that the reload bonus is still different from the welcome offer since the reload casino bonus can be enjoyed multiple times, while the welcome offer is only given once, upon registration of the account

The use of a reload bonus is a perfect opportunity for players to increase their bankrolls, and enjoy the casino offerings for a longer period of time. When used the right way, a reload bonus can help a player try more casino games risk-free, and shoot for more casino games jackpots.

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