Fast Withdrawals in Online Casinos

Fast Withdrawals in Online Casinos

Playing with real money in online casinos requires some preparation. You can deposit your money, play some of your favourite slots and table game, win prizes and decide to cash out. Unfortunately, you realise that none of the available payment methods (withdrawal methods) seems to be convenient for you, or you pick one of the slowest withdrawal methods, wondering why your money is still not in your bank account after days of waiting.

Having funds stuck between your wallet and your online casino of choice cause stress and possible losses. What you need to do is avoid getting into such a situation at all cost. New services appear in the iGaming industry every year, and it is important to distinguish between valuable and trustworthy ones from the one hit wonders. We are going to explain why money transfer delays exist, what are the fastest methods available, but also why slower ones might be a better idea to put your trust in sometimes. Enjoy your continued reading!

Withdrawal Methods

There are a couple of main casino payment methods used by players all around the world:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Cheques
  • E-Wallets
  • Withdrawals using Cryptocurrency

All methods have the same purpose, which is to either deposit money into your casino wallet or account, or to withdraw your winnings. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, but there are some restrictions that stop casino players from specific countries to use some of the methods provided.

When it comes to deposit or withdraw limits, it completely depends on the chosen casino. Some casinos allow deposits as low as €10, while some others are more high-roller oriented and no deposit below €100 can be completed. If you want to learn more about Withdrawal Limits, read our complete guide on Understanding Online Casino Withdrawal Limits.

Instant Casino Payouts without Withdrawal Fees

E-Wallets are, without any doubts, the fastest way to withdraw money from an online casino. The only difference between these services is the difference in country availability and the fees applied when transferring funds from that a casino to your bank account. Using E-Wallets is the only method for getting paid almost immediately after requesting the withdraw. In most online casinos, no fees are applied.

What Causes Delays to a Casino Payout?

Once you have made the request, it is sent immediately to the online casino. Sometimes they have bots for processing small amounts, but when the amount is close to the upper limit or larger than what’s usual for your player account, then most likely it gets processed manually. That is why the verification process is important. The casino needs to verify your identity, prepare for the process in order for everything to go through smoothly.

Before the entry of new technologies to payment methods, the pre-payout process took a long time for two reasons:

  1. The technology wasn’t fully developed yet
  2. They prolonged the process to make players cancel the withdrawal and keep playing

Neither of the two reasons listed above are common these days as technology is much faster and casinos realised the competition in the market is huge. At the end of the day, it’s about making people happy and satisfied as a player and customer then forcing players to stay.

Before even depositing any money into an online casino, make sure to read casino reviews, user experiences, forums and the T&Cs of the casino as well as where their licences are listed. In case your payment is stuck and pending for a few days or longer than their normal limits, make sure to contact the support and check what’s going on. You’ll find all contact details to the casinos listed on HitCasinoBonus in each of the reviews we offer. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the support, if nothing else it’s a good experience that will help you manage your expectations in terms of the service offered.

Pro tip – always have screenshots of these three on your device:

  • ID card or passport
  • Card/E-Wallet deposit page
  • Personal bank details that are fresh

Obviously, as above are sensitive data, make sure to use an encrypted service. Sometimes casinos may request one of above, depending on which method you have used to make deposits. Normally, above are required to verify the identity and fundamental personal information. They have full rights to ask you for above.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawals

Out of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is by far the most popular. We are not going to explain the whole technology behind it as it is very complex, but there are two facts about Bitcoin you need to know. It is relatively fast and safe.

There are casinos specifically made for crypto deposits and withdrawals, while the so-called “Hybrid Casinos” have both fiat money and cryptocurrencies available.

Once you’ve made the account and chose Bitcoin as a method of depositing, an address will be provided to you which is used to transfer coins from personal wallet into the casino account. The process always takes less than an hour as the transaction needs to be approved and processed by the blockchain.

There is more than one benefit or gambling with Bitcoins:

  • The currency is not associated with any bank or government, so getting funds seized or frozen is impossible
  • It is tax/fee free. Neither depositing or withdrawing will cost you anything but a little bit of time
  • Most of the casinos only request the email address in case account recovery is needed, but very few ask for any additional personal information

Make sure to get familiar with the whole cryptocurrency world and technology before using it, as it is a bit more complicated than what you are used to. If you’d like to dig further into this topic, we’d recommend our complete guide on using Bitcoin Casinos.

Online Casinos With Instant Withdrawal

As the competition is at a very high level in the online gambling industry, all casinos are continually looking to improve and give something extra to the players. It’s about providing first class services from payments to slots.

Nowadays, reducing payout times and giving the best service possible is the main area of focus for most online casinos. Here are some of the casinos HitCasinoBonus offer which we believe offer great payout times.


Slotty Vegas Casino
Grand Ivy Casino
William Hill
Casumo Casino
888 Casino
Casoola Casino


You have most likely already heard of at least a couple of these, and the reason for that is their great reputation and positive user reviews. Each of the casinos offer a vast slot and table game library and multiple deposit/withdraw methods available.

Keep in mind that withdrawal times only represent the period from requesting the payment until the funds are approved and sent to the player. Casinos are constantly battling against hackers and scammers, so waiting times are not present not because they are suspicious of their users, but to make sure that their customers get the funds without any issues.

FAQ on Fast Withdrawals in Online Casinos

How can I withdraw my casino winnings instantly?

Make sure to use any E-Wallet service. This is the fastest way of withdrawing funds from the casino to the online wallet. Skrill is proven to be probably the quickest out of all.

Can I take payments via the method I used to make deposits with?

Not always. All casinos have their lists of methods available for depositing and withdrawing, and you may notice sometimes that some of the methods are “missing” from the withdrawal list. Check and compare both lists before making a deposit.

Will the fastest payout cost more?

No, it is the exact opposite. Methods like bank wire transfer and cheques need a lot more time to process compared to E-Wallets and Credit/Debit cards, and there are also multiple fees applied from all vendors involved. The only good thing is that all of the withdrawn funds go straight to the bank account, without any services in between.

How can I influence the withdrawal speed?

There are three things you can do:

  • Look for casinos that have short withdrawal times
  • Use an E-Wallet as a withdrawal method
  • Contact the support of the casino proactively to ask for advice

Let’s go get those winnings as fast as possible! Protection Status