Red Dog Poker by NetEnt
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Red Dog – Rules, Payouts and Strategies Every Player Should Know

When it comes to casino table games, the most popular card-based game known by players and enthusiasts is poker. Available in different variants, from Stud Poker to Community Card Poker, this classic casino game test the skills and confidence of casino players. In poker, players are expected to bet, and the winner on the table is determined by the value of the hand. It combines player skills and randomness, and also the confidence to make a bluff on the poker table. While many poker variants depend primarily on skill, there are some versions of the game that are stripped bare, offering card game enthusiasts with a basic card game but promises the best jackpots. A perfect example of this is Red Dog designed by NetEnt, a game that takes its design inspiration from the classic poker. In Red Dog, only three cards are dealt on the playing table, and the object of the game is for the player to identify the ‘spread’. Spread simply refers to the value between two cards. Because of this unique objective, Red Dog is also affectionately called ‘Between the Sheets’, because the intention of the player is to decide if indeed the value of the third card will fall in between the values of the first two drawn cards. No other complex poker skills are required here, only the confidence to decide whether the value of a card will fall in between the cards’ two values.

How the Game is Played

Designed as a table game, Red Dog by NetEnt boasts up to 96.84 -percent in payout percentage, and comes with progressive betting. At the start of the game, a player will receive 3 cards taken from a deck of card, where the two cards are displayed face up, and the remaining card is face down. The bet here is on the value of the third card that is still face down – the  money is on whether the value of the third card will fall in between the values of the original two cards.

Speaking of card values, the values of the cards in Red Dog follow the traditional values in poker. For example, ‘Jack’ counts for 11, the ‘Queen’ with 12, and the King with ‘13’. ‘Ace’ will assume a value of 14, and not the standard 1. This means that for a ‘2’ and an ‘Ace’, the spread will be 12, and this becomes the challenge for the player. And if on the second round, you get a 9 or 4, the third card should have a value anywhere from 5 to 8. Under this arrangement, you are given 4 chances, which is known as the spread, and the spread is 4. If the third card shows a value that is outside the spread, the house wins, and the player loses. If the first two cards on the table show the same values, the third card may offer a three-of-a-kind, which can offer a payout of 11:1. Now, if the first two cards are of consecutive values, the result is a push or tie. This outcome means that the player will not lose, but the wager remains in play.

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Pay Table and Win Plan

Players aspire to win, and it’s best to understand the pay table or win plan of Red Dog from Net Entertainment. The pay table and the spread are conveniently shown in the middle of the screen. This feature will tell you the spread, and the potential winnings that can be earned. Here are some of the possible spreads, and potential earnings:

  • Spread of 1, pays 5:1
  • Spread of 2, pays 4:1
  • Spread of 3, pays 2:1
  • Spread of at least 4, pays 1:1
  • Three-of-a-kind, offers 11:1

Progressive Bets

Progressive jackpots and bets are now just available in video slots. Even in poker variants like the Red Dog, progressive betting is available. Under this betting arrangement, you are given the chance to leave the winnings, and use these as your bet for the next round. There’s no limit to progressive betting. In between games, you can always decide to ‘Collect’ your winnings. Use the progressive button at the bottom of the game’s screen to turn this feature on and off.

Is There a Strategy for Playing Red Dog?

Compared to other classic card games like Poker and Baccarat, Red Dog does not require complicated and well-planned strategies. The only suggested trick that you can do is to raise when spread is at least 7. But if the spread is less than 5, then it is not recommended to make a raise since the chance of winning is very low. Also, keep in mind that the house edge of the casino operator usually depends on the number of decks used for playing. If there is only one deck used, it means that the house edge is pegged at 3.155 percent, two decks comes with 3.077 percent, and if the casino decides to use 8 decks, it means that the house edge is pegged at 2.751 percent. Even if you are playing on an online casino with just one deck, the house edge of 3.155 is still manageable, and often better than other popular poker variants available in the market.

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