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Live Casino – Get an Authentic Online Casino Experience Without Leaving Your Home

Innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology – these are two of the primary tools used by online casino operators when it comes to delivery of gaming content and casino gaming experience. This is seen in the listing of casino games offered, to the promotions that are unveiled on a regular basis. Because online casinos need to step up their game to remain competitive, innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology has become the norm in the industry. But these are no longer just seen in the design of games or the quality of casino bonus promotions. Rather, these are also seen in the quality of casino services offered. Today, a large number of online casinos now offer a ‘Live Casino’, a gaming arrangement that brings players straight to the action. With a live casino, players and casino enthusiasts get the same casino treatment and attention from the casino dealer, even if they are hundreds of miles away from the site.

What’s a Live Casino and What Can Players Expect?

With a live casino, players can count on the ‘next best thing’ to a physical casino experience. The introduction of a live casino feature addresses players’ need for convenience, authenticity and excitement. In a live casino set-up, there is a human dealer that facilitates the casino action in real time, straight from a casino table. Interested casino players can check out and participate in the games through a live streaming feed, and this is the same technology used by the casino dealer to interact with the players located in different parts of the world. Betting decisions are channeled through a computer screen, and real-time communication is facilitated using the site’s chat function.

The physical transactions completed by the dealer, including the results of a Roulette wheel spin, Craps or dealing of cards for Baccarat are then translated into data which can be processed by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This ensures that casino players off-site can participate in a live game, where results are produced and processed in real time. To heighten the casino excitement, casino operators often maintain a separate lobby for its live casino offering, featuring different variations of Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Casino Hold’em. To maximize player engagement, operators will schedule the games, and information about the next games are advertised in real time in the lobby.

While the introduction of a live casino feature brings a number of benefits to players, these games come at a cost to casino operators. Compared to hosting of virtual games and Flash-based and no-download casino games, a live casino is technology-intensive, and requires additional staffing and investment. For example, an operator who wants to tap into the business will require at least one cameraman, a number of croupiers who will man the different casino tables, and an Information Technology Officer who will make sure that technical glitches are resolved, and customer concerns are immediately addressed. There’s also a ‘pit boss’ who acts as the person in charge, and an adjudicator in case there are some issues between casino players and table croupiers.

For a smooth implementation of this casino feature, operators may require three rooms, which includes a server room, an analyst’s room and the live studio. The arrangement of rooms and cameras can be configured, depending on the nature of the offerings. Due to the high costs involved in the offering of a live casino, many operators limit the number of casino games to be hosted. If the traditional virtual casinos host hundreds of casino titles, live casinos traditionally cover the popular and highly profitable games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo.

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What are The Advantages of a Live Casino?

Because games are rendered live, through live streaming, players are given a chance to simulate the action that is ordinarily associated with playing casino games at a physical casino. There is no need to drive your car for hundreds of miles just to get a piece of casino action. If you are a member of a live casino, you simply launch a browser, choose a live casino game, and enjoy. You can even do this while sitting in your couch, or waiting for your next appointment!

Also, this casino arrangement offers a more interactive way of playing casino. Thanks to a live feed and chat feature, you get to communicate with other players, in real time. This instantaneous gaming experience can be helpful if you encounter some technical problems or glitches. In short, a live casino ensures not only an engaging casino experience, but a productive one as well.

While live casino is considered a highly engaging and exciting industry offering, only a few casino enthusiasts understands the mechanics of the game, and the services it offers. Here are some frequently asked questions about live casinos, and answers which can help simplify your next gaming adventure.

  1. What happens during intermittent internet connection, or when the connection has been stopped during casino play?

Live casino games thrive on a stable internet connection. But when your internet connection is suddenly terminated in the middle of the game, certain safety nets are in place, depending on your provider. Most casino operators are player-friendly, which means that your positions and bets are protected in case of intermittent connection. For example, in Blackjack, you will automatically stand, or bets will not be accepted in the game of Roulette, and your bankroll remains the same.

Keep in mind that a reliable broadband connection is a requirement for all casino live games. To get the best experience, avoid streaming content, other than your casino games. And if you notice a slowdown in response time, try to clear cache, temporary files and cookies.

  1. Can I contact the casino dealer directly during a live casino game?

Live casinos usually offer a ‘chat feature’, which can help players communicate with each other. This feature can be used as well to send a message to the ‘pit boss’. Depending on the casino operator, you may need to first type ‘pit boss’ in the chat window, and he will instantly respond, as soon as he is free.

What are the Best Live Casino Games out there?

As mentioned the most popular live casino games are those that are most table games that are already popular at online casinos or with the ‘common player’, meaning these are the games that you play amongst friends, and that are better played with other players. To help you navigate the jungle of live casino games, we’ve created a separate content piece listing the best live casino games as well as list the best places where you can play them. We’ve also created comprehensive guides on what we believe are the best and most popular live casino games, so that you too can learn, master and ultimately win at these fantastic games. Jump straight to these great pieces!

What are the Disadvantages Associated With Live Casino?

Since live casino uses live streaming and the latest communications technologies, its critical that players should invest in premium hardware. If your computer is not up-to-date, then you will have a problem playing the game. Remember, there is a minimum system requirement for you to experience live casino gaming.

A fast and reliable internet connection, and an updated computer system are required to enjoy this casino offering. Since it uses live streaming and other advanced technologies, you may be required to use the latest version of your chosen browser, and the latest Adobe and Java players installed. Casino operators recommended the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Also, make sure that you have a Pentium III Class PC, 500 MHz, Mac G4 and 128 MB RAM at a minimum. If you forget about these requirements, games will be slow, or no games can be shown.

With a live casino feature, you can instantly play your favorite casino table game without the need to install or download a software. All you need to do is to create an account with your preferred casino provider, select a table game and you’re ready to play. And if you don’t own an account, signing up is easy, thanks to a friendly crew of dealers and a competent technology that support the games. Make sure to check out our online casinos listing to find your top casino operator that offer a live casino experience. Get started today!

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