Your Complete Guide to Casino Cashback Refund

Cashback Refund – When Losing Means Winnings in Casinos

When it comes to playing casino games from slots to poker, players and casino regulars have one over-riding objective – to win the game and the jackpot. Who wouldn’t want to win or beat other players and the casino, and fetch massive jackpots along the way? Unfortunately, this is not always the case for players who take on the challenge of casino games. In casino games, losses are natural, and there’s a big chance that one loses than wins big. Failure to win every single spin or game online is not an excuse to stop playing casino games, thanks to the Random Number Generators and the promise of jackpots. But there is one more thing that can motivate players to play more even if they lose some games along the way – the casino’s cashback refund. If other bonuses are given to players before they sign up or after completion of the registration form, a cashback refund on the other hand is given to players after they have accumulated some losses. That’s right, there are some casinos that pay attention to the concerns and welfare of casino players and members after they suffered successive losses.

How Cashback Refund Differs from Traditional Casino Bonuses

In its simplest application, the cashback refund bonus refers to the amount of cash that the player gets back after successive losses at the casino. Consider this as an insurance for the player in the casino, that even if luck is not on his side, a part of the wagers lost will be returned. In many cases, the refunded money comes in the form of cash that will be returned to the player’s account, but in some cases, the refunded ‘money’ is actually bonus money that can be played again in the casino. Keep in mind that this casino bonus is actually a percentage of the total amount that you lost in the casino, over a period of time. And when the player uses this money to play the games and lose, no real losses are realized. In short, the offering of cashback refund is one way of helping players get more from their casino playing experience. Listed below are two examples on how this cashback refund is used and implemented by casinos:

  1. A casino player wagers €100 on slot titles that offer the cashback refund. If the players lose €60, a typical casino will offer a 5 to 25 percent cashback refund to cover for these losses, and the bonus will be reflected in the player’s account. Now, the percentage that can be given by the casino will differ from one casino to the next, and may also vary in kind. Some casinos will return real cash, and some casinos will return the cash in the form of bonus money to be played at the games
  2. The casino may offer a 20-percent cashback, up to €50. Under this example, the casino has set a ‘cap’ on the maximum amount that can be given back by the casino. The casino will still base the allocation based on a percentage, but will only offer up to €50. Any amount in excess of the amount will no longer be honored by the casino

Other Rules to Keep in Mind When Using Cashback Refund

Aside from the cap that can be placed by the casino operator, there are other specific rules that should be considered. For example, some casinos will require players to meet a certain amount of lost money before they can avail of this bonus program. These casinos will require a ‘minimum loss’ for players to qualify for the program. Other online casinos will also set a rule that these losses should be in games identified by the casinos. Before joining or attempting to claim this bonus, it is advised that players should read first the Terms & Conditions (T&C), and ask for technical support, when necessary.

Claiming the reward is also subject to casino rules, as indicated in the Terms & Conditions (T&C). Depending on the casino operator, players may have to wait for a few days or after 24 hours before the cash or bonus money can be reflected in the account. If the bonus fails to reach the account, players are advised to contact support.

What are the Advantages of These Casino Bonuses?

Just like other promotions, the availability of a cashback refund is one way of attracting customers, and engaging players. Casino players need reasons to stay, especially after losing successive games. And giving back a portion of their losses in the form of cashback refund is one way of motivating players to bet more. Although this offer will not make the players rich, the amount is more than enough to compensate for the losses, and make players smile. The cashback becomes a safety cushion and an insurance for the players, and a form of reward too for loyal players and members of the website. Offering this bonus is like saying ‘thank you’ to players for doing business with the casino.

Offering this casino bonus also serves a marketing purpose for the casino. Since players are happy and motivated to play more, the same bonus shall be returned to the casino in the form of wagers, which can spur business. For this reason, it pays to maximize this casino offer, and take advantage of this every time. This can be done by working with a casino that offers a cashback refund, and by placing wagers that can bring out the desired bonus in case of losses.

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