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Mobile Casino – Highly Flexible and Mobile Casino Entertainment Now Available for Busy and Active Players

Gone are the days when one needs to remain on-site, and be online using a desktop just to play casino games. With the introduction of a mobile casino, players and casino enthusiasts get a chance to enjoy the games on-the-go, even if the player is waiting for his turn on the line, or traveling in a bus or train. Remote and mobile gaming is now possible, thanks to new innovations, high-speed internet and the availability of smartphones and devices that are configured for mobile gameplay. As long as you have a casino game-enabled device and high-speed internet connection, you can now enjoy mobile online casino. This is exactly what customers and players can expect from a mobile casino platform. Casino games like slot games and table games including Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack are now available on mobile devices, and games can be accessed remotely.

Top 5 Mobile Casinos



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What’s a Mobile Casino, and How is it Changing the Gaming Environment?

In a mobile casino offering, players are given a chance to access to a mobile gaming environment. In short, it provides players greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to accessing the games, particularly mobile slots and classic table games. This is the next frontier in casino entertainment, and one that we are currently enjoying. In fact, player spending on mobile casino gaming, especially for iOS-powered devices increased by 55 percent, from November 2013 to November 2014. Statista, an online statistics firm has noted that the number of mobile phone users have moved past 2 billion in 2016, and this number is expected to swell to more than 5 billion by 2019. This goes to show that mobile gaming is here to stay, and set to define the way players and casino customers will enjoy their favorite casino offerings in the next few years.

In a casino mobile set-up, interested players should have access to high-speed internet, a configured and enabled smartphone and access to a casino that offers the platform. One needs to install or download first the casino games on the target device, provided that it runs on the latest version of iOS, Windows or Android. There are two ways on how to download or install the mobile online casino games – choose the games to play using the web browser, or download the games by scanning the QR code. Simply click the download link, and the player will get complete access to the portfolio of games that can be played on mobile devices. Once all the preferred casino productions have been downloaded, players get a chance to enjoy these games in free demo or real money. The player must login first using the user name and password and make a deposit to start playing for real money.

And because the preferred mobile casino games are playable on smartphones and handheld devices, the quality of games and entertainment ultimately depend on the devices. Interested players must be careful in choosing the right devices to use when playing the games. The specs of the smartphone, the screen size, pixels and even the quality of sounds can define the quality of the gaming experience. It also helps that the device should feature long-lasting battery, a must-have for the casino player who loves to play long hours. Smartphones with a minimum screen size of 5.0 inches are great for mobile gaming, allowing an immersive gaming experience. The latest versions of Samsung Galaxy S-series and iPhone feature large screen sizes, which are perfect for mobile gaming. The quality of battery life is also a concern, so gamers should watch out for devices that can run for at least 15 hours straight. In short, the quality of mobile casino games entertainment is also highly dependent on the mobile devices.

What are the Advantages with Mobile Casino?

Flexibility and games-on-the-go. These are the two main reasons why players are joining the bandwagon to play mobile slots UK and other popular casino games. In the mobile casino platform, players are no longer limited by their desktops. As long as they have a high-end smartphone configured for mobile gaming and a high-speed internet connection is available, games can be streamed any time. Remote play is possible, and casino enthusiasts can enjoy a huge selection of games even when they are waiting for their turn on a line, or waiting for the appointment in the doctor’s office.

Also, the best online casinos offer special bonuses that work only for mobile casinos. In an effort to promote mobile online casino, some casinos offer mobile casino free bonus and other unique perks that can only be enjoyed if one takes the mobile route. For example, new players will instantly snatch a Welcome Bonus offer or Free spins, depending on the provider of casino games.

Finally, it’s all about building and sustaining a community. Smartphones are originally designed and marketed for communications and exchange of information, and not necessarily for gaming and casino purposes. With these core values, the use of mobile phones present a different set of advantages. Thanks to its core values and unique features, casino games now offer multi-player features, allowing players to compete with others and online leader boards. There’s also a chat feature, allowing the players to send and exchange messages. Most mobile gaming platform also incorporates social media, allowing members to share their successes (and near-misses), and play with each other, even if they are located in different locations.

What are the Disadvantages with Mobile Casino?

For many casino enthusiasts, the disadvantages associated with mobile casino games are few, and sometimes negligible. For instance, some players complain about the ‘muted experience’ that they get when playing the mobile slots. Well, it’s understandable, knowing that the games are usually played on devices with a screen size of 5.0-inch to 5.7-inch, max. Compare this to the usual desktops or laptops with a screen size of at 14.0 inch or even larger.

There’s also the danger of completely forgetting about the real world, especially when playing truly immersive casino games using headphones. Highly immersive mobile slots can be engaging, and may completely take away the attention of players from their actual routines outdoors. But all these limitations and concerns regarding mobile gambling can be addressed easily. For someone looking for a truly authentic and immersive casino experience, they can play using high-end mobile devices, one with at least 5.5-inch screen, high-end graphics and resolution and satisfying sound effects. And to take full control of the gaming sessions, players can set aside a special time or schedule just to play the games, and avoid long sessions playing mobile slots when walking or waiting in line. At HitCasinoBonus, we fully support the concept of Responsible Gaming. Please read up on it!

Are You Ready to Play Mobile Casino?

Mobile casino gaming is here to stay, and the leading online casinos are increasing their investments in this niche. It means better days ahead for the players who will explore this mobile platform. With an increasing competition among casino operators, players can count on better mobile slots and game selections and premium promotions that work for mobile players, like mobile slots no deposit bonus and mobile casino free bonus.

To start enjoying the flexibility and convenience offered by the mobile platform, start by exploring our casino reviews and listing of online casinos. Once you have selected a casino, simply visit the website. When all things are set, you can now join the latest trend in casino gaming and entertainment – play mobile slots with greater mobility and flexibility anytime, anywhere.

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