Get Ready for the World’s Fastest Live Roulette from Evolution Gaming
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Get Ready for the World’s Fastest Live Roulette from Evolution Gaming

Just like baccarat, the game of roulette is considered one of the most popular games around, thanks to its easy gameplay and interesting graphics. The games get more exciting with the release of its online version, where players get a chance to play in real time, and even chat with other participants. And for many players, the real entertainment comes in the design of the table, and the different versions of the game, from the American Roulette version to European Roulette. But there is another exciting thing to expect from live roulette offered by your favorite casino operators – a faster and better live roulette. Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of localized live casino for regulated markets, has recently unveiled its ‘Speed Roulette’. According to the company, this serves as an improved version of its Live Roulette, designed to reduce waiting time, and boost player excitement.

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Get Into a Spin Frenzy Starting Today

Roulette is one of the easiest table games around to play, which also offers decent odds. To start the game, the players buy colored chips, representing different amounts. Bets must be placed on the numbers, including zero. Once all bets have been placed on the table, then that’s the time when the dealer spins the wheel, and waits for the ball to fall. In the online version of the game, the player plays against the system. There’s no dealer around, and the player will simply place the wager on a specific number, before the wheel is turned. With the introduction of new technologies, a live version is offered, this time, it gives players the opportunity to play the game in real time, with a human dealer. This works through the use of live streaming and multiple cameras. Although this changed the way the game is played, still the game, from placement of wager to spin takes time. Evolution Gaming took this as a cue to deliver a different kind of roulette game – Speed Roulette.

The idea behind the introduction of this new product is to provide the market with a faster and much improved version of its Live Roulette. The same gameplay and types of bets can be made on this game, but betting and playing becomes much faster. Just like other localized casino games offered by Evolution Gaming, Speed Roulette is playable on multiple devices, which can help promote player convenience and flexibility. With this new and improved game, players get a chance to place bets using their desktop, smartphone or tablet in landscape or portrait mode. Of course, players get a more realistic entertainment when the game is played in landscape mode. This improved version of the game fast-tracks the spins that will be made by a player, where each round will take roughly 25 seconds. For someone who does not want to wait long, the Speed Roulette is just the right game online.

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Custom Design, Improved Entertainment Value

For this improved and faster game, the developers aimed for an upgraded look and design. The customized wheel was designed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, a team that worked within the studios of Evolution Studios. To ensure a satisfying roulette spinning experience, this new game offers multiple cameras to capture the action and entertainment. Expert live dealers are also present who were specifically trained to maintain this new game from Evolution Gaming.

When playing this game, players should take note that bets will only be accepted during every spin. This removes the usual ‘dead time’ or waiting time experienced by players in traditional roulette games. Also, the system ensures that the winning number is instantly captured by the video, so the next game is scheduled immediately. This promotes a seamless transition from game to game. In case the player missed the last winning number, this game has a feature to display the last winning number. With its faster gameplay and the use of enhanced technologies, players get a chance to enjoy more spins and games in an hour. On a regular play, players get a chance to enjoy 50 extra roulette rounds per hour, which is much better compared to the traditional roulette versions of Evolution Gaming. Casino and roulette enthusiasts will be glad to know that the company did not change the other gameplay elements of the game. Only the speed factor was tweaked to deliver a more exciting way to play live roulette. The addition of new cameras ensure that everyone gets to enjoy an immersive casino entertainment, and also ensures that the last winning number is immediately captured.

For casinos with Evolution Gaming license that wants to offer this game, Evolution Gaming offers this as an optional add-on table game.

The introduction of Speed Roulette clearly solidifies the standing of Evolution Gaming as a top provider of live casino games and services. Featuring the same core technologies and features but much faster compared to its predecessor, Speed Roulette changes the way customers place their bets and spin the wheel.

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