Betsson news - recap progress and potential
Posted in Casino Reviews, Industry April 11, 2017

Betsson News Recap – Progress and Potential

There are hundreds of online gambling portals and yet, every player who has at least a bit of experience knows of Betsson. This is the name associated with top-quality of both, games and service, as well as guaranteed payments and assurance that any issue you might have would be resolved fast. Owned by one of the biggest gaming groups in the world, Betsson never ceases to present its players with new developments that take their enjoyment of the gamble to a new level.

At the moment, Betsson is one of the most successful companies in the industry. Its revenue has grown by 14% in the last year alone and the achievements of 2017 show that this growth would continue. Note that the success of 2016 was achieved despite the fact that the currency fluctuations have affected the company quite a bit and did a lot of damage to their finances.

Betsson Joins EGBA to Expand Within the EU

The company has been around for over 50 years and its relentless progress continues. The most recent development is the Betsson Group joining the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA). It’s an organization that represents all the top online gambling operators in EU. Stationed in Brussels, it’s focused on promoting the development of legal online gambling in the European Union. With the lawmakers becoming more open to this idea and new legislation offered to push legalization forward, EGBA has become an important power for the progress of this industry as a whole.

Betsson joining EGBA means more opportunities for the platform on the newly opening European markets. However, it’s not only the casino platform that benefits from the deal. This company is so well-respected around the world that adding its voice to the association boosts its influence by default. This means that EGBA would have more power to influence the progression of legalization bills, which, in turn, benefits online gambling portals.

Advancing on the Spanish Market – Betsson Buys Premier Casino

Now the players of Spain would be able to enjoy all the wonders of Betsson, which has recently bought Premier Casino for 3 million Euro. This deal alone is a great boost to the revenue of the Betsson Group and it’s only the first one reported this year. Considering the rate of the company’s growth, we can expect more to come in 2017. As the influence of Betsson Group spreads across EU, those who love online gambling get a chance to enjoy more reliable and interesting opportunities to indulge in their passions.

This particular acquisition is another proof of Betsson’s foresight as the Spanish online gambling industry is currently showing the signs of rapid development. Like with all growing markets, getting there first often equals to being the leader for many years to come. This is exactly what Betsson has managed to achieve through this deal.

Premier Casino may only have 260,000 registered players today, but it holds all the necessary Spanish licenses that allow Betsson Group to push it to the limits of top-quality gambling platforms that exist today. We can expect to see a major overhaul of the portal in the near future. Betsson has also announced that they would be launching several new brands operating on the Premier’s licenses.

Betsson to Buy NetPlay TV

The expansion of Betsson through Europe has touched the UK as well. This year they’ve already announced their intention to buy NetPlay TV. This would immediately bring the company quite a lot of influence in the British online gambling world.

According to Betsson’s representative, this year the group plans to buy three UK brands, Vernons, Super Casino, and Jackpot24/7. Their ownership of NetPlay would also result in the establishment of new brands, as the situation is with the Premier in Spain.

It seems that Betsson Group is a power that truly can’t be stopped. That’s great news to all gamblers who want to feel secure when playing as all Betsson brands are equally reliable. This company has built its name on quality and we can only hope that its rapid expansion won’t compromise this admirable trait.

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Knowing Betsson, their gaming platform, the magnificent range of online games, the security measures that they have adopted and the kind of transparency they offer to their players is commendable which makes us trust them. Bonuses is obviously the favourite part for players. Betsson offers a good range of bonuses to the users. A compulsory Welcome Bonus is given to each user that registers for the first time on Betsson’s website. Sign up today to claim your 100% up to €100 bonus!

Betsson CFO Leaving the Company in August 2017

It’s not only the game catalogs and spheres of influence of the Betsson casinos that change. The people standing behind the success of the business as a whole also come and go. The latest loss of the team is Fredrik Ruden, who will leave Betsson in August.

Mr. Ruden is the current CFO and he’s been a part of the company since 2008. There is no denying the fact that his talents and professionalism made an impact on the business and we can only hope that his replacement would be just as good.

Hopefully, this change would indeed be for the better, as opposed to the situation with Club World Group, where management shifts have resulted in a dropping reliability of the portals. However, as Betsson is a major corporation with decades of experience, we can rely on them to get through this episode while maintaining the quality we’ve come to expect from this operator.

So, after reading this post about one of the iGaming worlds most reliable Online Casinos, why not try your luck at Betsson Casino? If not – you might regret it!

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