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Joker Wild 1 Hand Introduction

Are you ready to pass your time with some interesting moves? Then Joker Wild 1 Hand is the perfect slot game for you that will entertain the player to the core.The high definition machine slot game is exclusive for android phones and android tablets. You can have the best version of slot games with Joker wild only. This fun slot machine game has an adventure and fun that can make any player interested in the game in the first game itself. Refresh the whole gaming session with this wonderful slot game.

Game Symbols

In the large cards game, you will find a joker card additive to the normal sets of the cards. Formerly, it was originated in the United States. The card is totally new and unique having the power to substitute any other cards in the game. The card is totally unique as it lacks the industry-wide standard recognition. It was first originated as a trump card for Euchre. Since then it has been used in varied card games too. You all may be excited to feel the Joker wild game experience because this game is not just the simple game. It has many surprises within the game too. Joker Wild game speciality is the Joker card that makes the game more exciting to reveal.

In-Game Multipliers

In this slot game, Joker plays the role of the wild card entry. Are you interested in indulging with something wild and out of the blue? Then you must try the amazing Triple 7 Joker Wild Slot Multiplier. The title at first might sound complicated to you, but the game is quite simple and easy to access. So, basically, you have is a traditional video poker game with a wild card joker. You will play various hands in this slot game and every time you will get a slot spin to conquer. Your wins will be multiplied, then you match 3 symbols exactly. What could be more interesting than this game?Generally, this game will be played on a slot machine, so there will be no dealer to deal with you. It will be just you and the exciting machine, and your luck. If you are lucky enough to spin the right matching symbols, you will win the cash prizes that you can take with you. You need to remember that the jokers in the deck can always be substituted for other cards in any suits and for any rank in the game. This will offer you the opportunity to complete the matching symbols and increase your chances to win the big prize. Wow, this is amazing!

Free Spins and Bonus Features

There are Free spins and bonuses available for the better convenience. The 3 full reels of cherry symbols are equal to 20 Free spins in Joker Millions, 4 full reels of cherry symbols are equal to 30 Free spins in Joker Millions and 5 full reels of cherry symbols are equal to 50 Free spins in Joker Millions. The Free spins and bonuses will make you even more interested in the game.

Golden Wild Symbol

The Joker is the Golden Wild symbol and it can replace any other cards on the deck of the game. This move makes the game even more exciting to play.


NetEnt is known for its elaborate and thematic slot productions, and the Joke wild game slot is not different. Just like other slot games, this game features in-game settings that allow players to customise the gaming experience for the better view. Booming Games specialist of the Casino developed the amazing Joker Wild 1 Hand fast-paced 5-reel slot game for the better convenience of the people only. The joker as a wild card entry  doesn’t have much of a role in a game that’s indeed fun to know, comfortable in playing and enticing visually too. You can grab the same piece of the game online and make your gaming session more adventurous.
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