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Voodoo Vibes Introduction

One of the biggest benefits of the slots game is you could perhaps get to experience any kind of exotic adventure that you might dream of. The Voodoo Vibes slot is an absolute extension of that great imagination element. Inspired by the multiple coin video game, the wheel of fortune is perhaps the best representation of this game which draws its basic model from the mysterious, intriguing and magical world of voodoo.Players can engage in this game for sheer fun or can even look at winning money through this absolutely engaging slots game. This game designed by NetEnt is also known for the massive wins it generates. It has often been adjudged as the most rewarding casino games and boats of the impressive range of features.

Overall Game play

As expected, this Voodoo inspired game has several features that will instantly transform you into the world of black magic and enigma. This includes players interacting with characters like Voodoo Queen, Baron Samedi, the wild icon, a Snake, the scatter symbol, Chicken, Potion and lot others like Skull and Voodoo Dolls.Players aim to win the needle-poking bonus round, free spins, multipliers in this game enabled by the scatter and wild features. It has the:
  • Auto Play Mode
  • Multiplier
  • Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Mobile
Given the benefit of the multiplier, the winning value posts the Free spins get tripled further, and once the bonus rounds get triggered, the winning potential is further magnified. The certified payout percentage in this guy is pretty high. Though not as high as some of the other NetEnt versions, it generated a reasonable 95% plus return potential.

Special Features In Voodoo Vibes

This 5 reeled game played across 25 paylines has rather small wagers. The minimum stake per spin is just 0.01 while the maximum wager can be 50. Some of the best features of the game is listed below.


The jackpot in this slots game gets triggered when the player spins reels 1-5 on any active paylines and bags 5 Wild Witchdoctor symbols. You can easily win at least 7,500 coins in this round, and the maximum is close to 10,000.

Standard Reel

They comprise of multiple indicators. From Chicken to a skill to a woman, an Elixir, it generates returns when 4 of these symbols are at play at the same time. These replace the Ace, King, Queen and Jack in a regular cards game.

Free Spins

The Free spins once initiated generated 10 spins, and a player can get it by landing with 3 or more of the scatter symbols simultaneously. It is also possible to re-trigger addition 10 Free spins with the help of the three snake or scatter symbol.


This feature is triggered when 3 or more Voodoo dolls are sighted at the same instance on the active paylines. Players then get control of the big pin through these multiple dolls. The best way to activate this feature and bag great wins is via playing maximum paylines.


On the whole, therefore it would be fair to conclude that the Voodoo Vibes though not a top rung NetEnt game, it offers a fair deal to the players and keeps them engaged with a strong winning potential. The graphics are nicely executed with a couple of spooky elements adding to the overall aura of mystique. The features are so designed that they continue to trigger regular wins and more or less compensates for the lower return prospects. The players are deeply motivated by the huge win potential and the possibility of bag a mini fortune by the mere movement of slots.
Voodoo vibes slot

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