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Vikings Treasure Introduction

A classic Scandinavian offering from Swedish game designing major, NetEnt, Vikings Treasure gets you the right representation of the rough climate and tricky landscape of the region. The difficult terrain pretty much conditions residents to be sturdy, brave and adventurous conquerors and travelers, also known as Vikings. This game traces their exploration adventure tracing gold and looking for prizes all the way through.The Vikings Treasure is a non-progressive five reeled non progressive slots game that has a whopping 15 pay lines and has a record of a jackpot payout close to $25,000.

Overall Game Play

This online slots game glorifying the Viking era has all the usual trappings of a successful gambling game including: Not just that this game features a Hand Holding the Treasure element which also doubles up as the Scatter symbol. The wild symbol denoted by the Vikings enable doubling the wins and the return prospects for players is close to one of the highest in the industry. The average RTP is calculated at 95.9%. This is a standard payout that one has come to expect from a NetEnt game and amplifies the overall gaming experience.The stake levels in this Vikings Treasure slot game are more or less adjustable. The minimum wage is quite small, around 0.01 and maximum wager is 37.50.


The final count is close to a whopping 10,000 coins, and the jackpot gets triggered if a player spin into play on any active and valid pay line starting left to right and managed to land with 5 Viking Head symbols at one go.

Standard Symbols

There is a wide range of symbols that are at play in the Vikings Treasure slot. These include the Helmet, Galleon, Shield, Axe and Maiden. All of these symbols, it is needless to mention, are some of the most striking representation of the Viking spirit and keeps the viewer interest intact. It gives them the actual feel of a complete Viking experience and makes the game realistic.


The Free spin feature gets a hero’s position in this video slot game like none other. Players have the choice of taking advantage of up to 15 Free spins, and this gets triggered when 3-5 winning symbols get activated at the same time.

Free Spins

We already mentioned to you about this feature. The Free spins get unlocked when 2 or more treasure symbols get active at the same time. Players can win as many as 15 Free spins with each win getting tripled. So a 10,000 coin jackpot can be potentially 30,000.

Wild Symbols

It’s a double win for a player if they manage to land up with the wild symbols. It helps them trigger the jackpot and at the same time this symbol can pretty much stand in for all other symbols initiating a double win.


Essentially this is an old fashioned coin tossing video slot game that glorifies an era long gone by with significant winning potential. It would be therefore safe to conclude that though this is a hugely interesting and engaging game, it isn’t one of the best offerings from NetEnt. That said the overall balance between game quality, graphics and video elements is quite striking and makes for some enjoyable times. The high production quality and the level of output surely compensates for the lack of matter. What makes the deal even better is that you can easily download
Vikings treasure slot

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