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Dragon’s Fortune Introduction

Casino games today are all about innovation and bringing in a rare and unique experience on the slots table. In this context, the Dragon’s Fortune packs in the ideal mix of thrill, excitement and winning prospects. It is a quintessential slots game that is all about luck, a mythical dragon and a string of magic woven around it. A modern offering from Microgaming, it is an extremely simple slots game. There are only six possible winning combinations in this game. What’s interesting in this game is that it is inspired by and based on the basic automated play feature that is showcased prominently by most other slot games. Make sure to see what casinos offering Microgaming that also offer great casino bonuses when signing up to play Dragons Fortune.

Basic Game Concept

All that a player has to do in this game is hit the start play button and let the game unravel itself. The dragon will gradually reveal what it has in store for the player. And if you think that’s too simple to be true, it is indeed that easy. The game is deeply dependent on the  dragon, leaving very little scope for user involvement.

Game Play

As players kick off this game, they find that pearls appear from the Red Dragon’s mouth. In all, every game has six of these. Of course, these have different colors, hieroglyphs and each one provide a distinct identity of its own. A payout happens when two pearls are identified with the same hieroglyphs inscribed on them. The game is:
  • Fully automated
  • Multiplier
  • Jackpot
  • Non-progressive game plan
  • Reasonable return ratio
The payout amount for any user is calculated in this game by multiplying the original bet amount with fixed multiplier for every pearl that is sighted. Users can start betting on the game from fifty cents, and it can go as much as ten dollars in some select casinos.


Dragon’s Fortune designed by Microgaming is a game for the masses. It, therefore, has all these elements that can attract maximum footfall. In this context, it is almost needless to mention that any slots game hinges significantly on bonus and jackpot payouts in the race to win the popularity award.

Bonus Games

A traditional lottery game with a Chinese twist, this one does not have a bonus payout option. The Dragon’s Fortune directly escalates to the jackpot round and does not leave room for players to make some extra buck converting the bonus wins into payouts.


The maximum amount of coins that can be won in Dragon’s Fortune once the jackpot round is initiated is as much as 22,000 coins. The final payout, of course, includes the multiplier value to this sum making it a neat fortune for any player who manages to win it. That said, progressive jackpots are however not drawn in case of any Jackpot that might be hit in Dragon's Fortune.


Overall the Asian theme of the game, the associated splendor of the Dragon and sense of mystique add a surreal quality to it. Not only is it attractive in concept but the superior graphics and overall concept make it a winner from the word go. Some users may, however, find the lack of involvement apart from clicking a button a bit annoying and it might sometime hamper the sense of achievement that they might associate with a game. The team who designed the game I am sure is equally aware of the fact and created this niche space in the overall slots gaming world for those who would not mind it and at the same point appreciate the sizeable jackpot that comes along with it.
Dragons fortune slot

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