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Crusade of Fortune Introduction

Now this online slots game from the team at NetEnt gives you the unique Viking experience. Based on the theme of Vikings in action, this slot game uses vivid imagery to keep the players engaged and keep up with the thrill element of the game. Not just that this game capitalizes on the big casino crowd puller features like bonus games and facilitates a large number of coin play at the same go. Another interesting element about the Crusade of Fortune slot game is the overall structure on which the game is based. It is fairly different from how you see the action panning out in other casino slot games.

The Top Features

First and foremost here is a quick run through on the most important elements in this game and the obvious features that any serious gaming enthusiast would look out for while considering a slot game. They include:
  • Jackpot payout
  • Bonus
  • Scatter & wild symbols
  • Autoplay option
  • Free spins
However, the one feature that is a standout element is no doubt the payout percentage.

Certified Payout Percentage

It is a known factor that all NetEnt designed games have a significantly higher percentage payout. In the case of Crusade of Fortune slot game, it goes a step further. This is one of those games powered by NetEnt, which has a certified return prospect of almost 96%. This means that is the exact amount of players this game has been paying back over the long-term on an average.

Stake Levels

Quite unlike NetEnt powered games, the Crusade of Fortune ensures that players can opt for as many as 20 coins per line into play. This essentially implies that the game has 20 optional paylines and the maximum coin value can be as high as 0.20. The minimum coin value is very nominal at 0.01 so this almost qualifies as a penny slot game alternative too.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols

Another absolutely interesting feature of this game is the fact that it enables a player to take advantage of the Bonus symbol along with a Scatter symbol which is denoted by a Viking Warrior. The best part is this symbol is extremely flexible and will initiate payouts for the player in any position. If you are in luck and can manage 3-4 of them, then you will even win a Free spin bonus game and associated additional cash payout. It is needless to mention that more the number of paylines you activate, better are the chances of winning a bonus payout.

Wild Symbols

Now the question is; what role does the Wild symbol play in this entire scheme of things? Well, perhaps its most prominent role is in being the facilitator of the jackpot. Yes, this is the special symbol that triggers a cash payout the moment two of them appear in a sequence in left to right formation.


You must have pretty much understood now that the Wild symbol in this game also doubles as the jackpot. The jackpot payout is initiated the moment a player spins all five of the available Wild symbols on any activated payline. The maximum jackpot payout is a whopping 5,000 coins which imply a rather large payout amounting close to 100,000 coins.


It would be safe to conclude that though this game is short of a progressive jackpot feature, it is one of those unique offerings from NetEnt that allows players to enter the magical world of Vikings and be part of an unforgettable adventure.
Crusade of fortune slot

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