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Dice Twister Introduction

As like walking through a traditional casino slot machine, through browsing, you can get online casino slots machine which makes you look for something that spikes for your interest. The advent of online casino based games like Dice Twister has been considered as a boom for many players as this game will allow them to play in their home, keeping them more convenient.Dice Twister has been available in Playtech Casinos for more than ten years and this is an arcade game which is very simple to play. Nevertheless, this game provides players with an interesting gaming experience. The objective of Dice Twister is to guess the total numbers of a three dice roll which is having a host of attractive bet types which are supported and also it has the payouts ranging from 1.25 to 70.

In-Game Multipliers

Dice Twister is offering in-game multipliers that support the players to get the additional cash offers and offers. Players can bet on the outcome while rolling the dices. It is offering various multipliers like totals, numbers, mid and odd or even. Total bets on the left side of the play will allow you to get the winnings up to 70 times more. By betting on a specific number located at the bottom of the play can may the players up to x15 with a three of the same kind.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Dice Twister supports players by giving the numerous bonuses and free spins. Designed by experts of Playtech, Dice Twister supports players between $0.20 and $100 per bet area and the bets are placed by using + and – buttons within the each bet area which you wish to cover.  Players will be allowed to bet on as many as you can bet and once you feel satisfy with the wagers, press spin, and the three dice will roll showing the total points.Dice Twister will include three six-sided dices, and when the three dice are rolled the game will be set on the outcome. The most lucrative bet on the board will be totally four or 17. If a player is placing the maximum of $100 on 17, the jackpot would be $7,000.

Golden Wild Symbol

Dice Twister, a game by Playtech has the golden wild symbols of a die which look like a small polyhedral object that is usually cubical and it can be used for generating numbers and other symbols included in the game. This features makes this game best and suitable for free online gambling devices especially for craps or sic Bo or for using in the non-gambling tabletop games. This is similar to Sic Bo that uses Playtech software.


When you play online casinos, you can improve your skills gradually thereby achieving the improved chances of winning. Numerous sites are available online where you can earn real money and there are also some sites which give you real cash while playing free games.
Dic twister slot

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