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Virtual Casino – Bringing Casino Entertainment Wherever You Are

As the fastest growing medium, the internet has become a hotbed of news, educational content, and one that offers instant entertainment. From news content to instant communication, the internet has become a viable tool for instant gratification. And speaking of entertainment and instant gratification, the internet is best known for transforming the casino gambling landscape. Gone are the days when a casino enthusiast will drive for miles just to visit a bar to play slots, or check out a brick-and-mortar casino. By checking the internet, casino games can be experienced, and the same entertainment and excitement can be re-created. This is now possible thanks to virtual casinos, or the online versions of the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Under a virtual arrangement, casino players can play and wager on casino games, and winnings and casino bonuses can be deposited in a virtual wallet. To start the virtual casino experience, you need an account, log in, download a software and start playing the games. Players are given a chance to choose a game from a diverse set of list, like choosing what food to order from the menu. Also, a virtual casino offers a private, flexible and non-intimidating way to play casino games, at your own pace. In fact, players can even choose where and how they play! In short, virtual casinos pushed casino gambling to a different level – a gaming experience that’s convenient, exciting and highly futuristic.

What is a Virtual Casino?

Virtual casinos operate in two different ways – using a web-based system, or through the use of a download-based virtual casino. Also known as Flash-based casino, the web-based online casino will not require a download, but may need a special plug-in like Macromedia Shockwave or Java. Bandwidth is another critical requirement, which should help support the rich graphics, animations and sound effects of the casino games. Also, players will find games that can be supported by HTML, but most virtual casino games, particularly the slots, are Flash-based.

Another option is to download the casino software client for a richer casino experience. While the download process will take some time compared with Flash-based games, the level of satisfaction that one gets is higher. Download-based virtual casinos are known to load and run faster, since programs are cached by the client. But certain risks are present in this option, including the threats of malware.

In both options, casino players can expect traditional games like slots and other instant win games. Other premium games like Baccarat and Poker may require the downloading of the software client before the game can be experienced.

While players can define their wagers and choose the games, the outcomes are beyond the control of humans. The game’s outcomes, from the dealing of cards to the results of the spins, are determined by the Pseudo-Random Number Generator or the PRNG. To determine a random outcome, algorithms are used, which help produce games and results that are fair, and comply with industry regulations. To ensure that the games are fair and run by the Random Number Generator, the virtual casinos may be certified, such as the eCOGRA, an organization that ensures that the winning percentages match with the advertised odds.

An eCOGRA stamp of approval is often a sign used by casino players to see if indeed the virtual casino adheres to stringent industry requirements and standards.

What are the Advantages When Playing in a Virtual Casino?

While others may see virtual casinos as the future of the casino industry, it should be kept in mind that new and upcoming casino technologies are in the pipeline. And these new technologies are expected to deliver different benefits to the players. For example, recent research and news reports suggest the possible use of virtual technology. With the planned release of Oculus Rift, talks about a virtual reality in casinos kicked into high gear, with one leading Malta-based casino taking the lead. According to reports, the manufacturer of the Oculus Rift suggested that the device was primarily designed for gaming content, thus making this a great tool for a virtual casino. Thanks to this device, some casino operators can now render its online casino games and entertainment in virtual reality.

As a wearable technology, the use of a virtual reality device can help change the way casino players see (and feel) virtual casino games. To play casino games in virtual reality, a player will wear a device (like the Oculus Rift), and he will be immersed in an engaging casino experience. The player can walk around the casino, surrounded by great sounds and 3D graphics. He can also sense the rich details of the casino, the noises from the slot machine area, and the captivating colors and neon lights. The only difference is that he is not in a physical casino – he’s in a virtual reality, powered by the device. Or, a casino player can set-up the bar, choose a 3D slot game for an immersive casino experience and interact with other casino players. In short, virtual reality re-creates the casino experience, away from an actual casino.

What are the Disadvantages of Playing in a Virtual Casino?

Although this latest technology and trend is captivating, certain recommendations and reminders are in place. For example, there’s a chance that a player may get disconnected from reality for a few minutes. Some virtual casino games are ultra-realistic, allowing players to get lost in the game and loss track of the hours. For this reason, some casino operators suggest that players using the VR technology should use clocks so that they will not ‘get lost in the games’. Offering reminders and limitations will help protect player interests, and ensure that players get to play responsibly.

The concept of virtual casino gaming is no longer just limited to classic casino and table games. Today, you can also find virtual sports, from tennis to greyhound racing, which appeals to players and sports enthusiasts looking for instant action, without having to wait for the next tournaments.

Whether the virtual technology covers casino games or sports, there’s no denying the fact that going virtual helped change the way enthusiasts enjoy casino games. Virtual casino is part of the evolution of casino gambling, and it is expected to promote casinos and appeal to a diverse set of players, the millennials included. By logging in, players can enjoy casino entertainment using a variety of devices, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.’

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