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Zombies Introduction

One of the most iconic casino slot games designed by NetEnt, the Zombies was initially launched in 2012. Despite the relatively early launch date, the popularity of the game remains unhindered and even today; it is one of the most sought after slot game across casinos. It is needless to say the mix of spooky, terrifying and bone-chilling story line of dead coming back to wreak havoc remains of the primary reasons for the game’s huge popularity.The overall story in this lot game is set in an empty shopping mall. The player gets an almost surreal experience and faces nearly nerve-wracking encounters given the splendid graphics work, the musical support, and the fantastic background work. The plethora of the many symbols that add to the vivid detailing also go a long way in keeping interest in the game intact.

The Game Plan

If you look at the basic game plan, it follows the broad structure that is very common in a NetEnt game. It is essentially a 5-reeled game across 20 paylines. It has the usual features like: Players can wager a minimum bet of £0.01, and the maximum amount is capped at £200. The highest recorded win thus far in the progressive jackpot is close to 100,000 coins.

Zombies Special Features

It is but obvious that in a game of this stature the Wild and the Scatter symbols hold pole positions as they can help unlock maximum winning potential. Here is a detailed analysis.

Random Wild

This is one of the most attractive features of the Zombie slot. In this, it is possible to get 2 zombies heads appearing on the reels at the same time. Once this happens they are immediately shot up to a maximum of 6. The Random Wild symbol or the Zombies heads can appear on reel numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 and if all of these appear suddenly or simultaneously, major wins can be unlocked through it.

Stacked Wilds

This is the other version of the Wild symbol. However, they only appear on Reel 3 and players need to be extra cautious and keep permanent vigil for it. The Stacked Wilds can potentially be in two forms:
  • A Stacked Wild of 2
  • A Stacked Wild of 3
In case you can only see a part of it, do not worry, it would push higher automatically to complete the winning line and help you uncover some great moolah. This feature is, however, unavailable during Free spins if any.An additional perk in this feature is players can change up to 6 symbols from the round that has been spun already. This means that any player’ s for big wins get amplified.

Scatter Symbol

This is the next key symbol to watch out for. The Scatter symbol is denoted by this Potion, which is considered to be a bio-hazardous solution that is stored in green capsules. If a player manages to get three of these across reel numbers 2, 3 or four, the Free spins get activated, and players can enjoy up to 5 Free spins on the reels. The multiplier feature on the Free spins is the real catch. It starts with a basic two times but goes on to a maximum of 10x. Maximum of 555 coins can be won through multiple Free spins.


On the whole, there are many similarities between this slot game and another NetEnt creation, Black Lagoon, The spine-chilling horror element remains the core theme and one of the biggest drivers of the game. The bonus rounds and the unending multiplier open up the possibility of some huge wins in this game!
Zombies slot

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