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Thief Introduction

Imagine yourself on a mission, tasked to survey and snatch some of the priciest possessions that are displayed in a vault. And what complicates the situation is that you were given this order on a dark and rainy night, and with the risk of getting caught. This is actually the premise and theme of the highly futuristic and adrenaline-founding video slot game from NetEnt called Thief. This NetEnt offering is unlike other video slots in a sense that the company managed to stay away from its usual offerings of fantasy and animations-based video slot game. This time, players assume a role, and he takes on a journey to discover a vault and run away with the cool prizes and other jackpots.

Thief Details

Thief from NetEnt lets the slot player assume the role of the thief and break into the vault. And as a leading game from the team over at NetEnt, this game comes loaded with some of the best features and promotions from the business like Free spins mode, Diamond symbol that can offer 5,000 coins and the Expanding Wilds. The presence of the Expanding Wilds on the reels add a new layer of excitement, and when these wilds form part of the winning combo, the symbols become animated.

Expanding Wilds

Just like the other promising NetEnt video slot productions, Thief offers its version of the Expanding Wilds. These symbols can help form winning combinations, and may replace other symbols, except the scatters. These symbols can only be seen on reels 2 to 4, and will also show on the reels during the Free spin mode. And as the name suggests, these symbols can cover the rest of the reels.

Adrenaline Free Spins

Another pulsating feature of the game is the Adrenaline Free spins mode, and this can mode of the game can be played provided you can get at least 3 Adrenaline Free spin scatters. Only selected symbols will show on reels like the Thief Tool symbol, Diamond symbol and the Adrenaline scatter. And if the game shows at least 3 scatters, then you can count on an extra 10 Free spins.

Diamond Symbol

Another prized catch of the game is the Diamond symbol, and this precious resource of the game can only show during the Adrenaline Free spin mode. The amount of winnings that you can get will depend on the number of diamonds that you will activate. For example, if you can get 2 Diamonds on the reels, this will reward you with 25 coins. If you can get 3 Diamonds on the reels, the game will offer up to 200 coins. Get 4 Diamond symbols, and you will feel lucky with 1,000 coins. And your jackpot with the symbol comes in 5 Diamonds, offering 5,000 coins!


The great thing about the Thief video slot game is that it takes the players on an adventure of a lifetime, complete with a movie-like setting and ambitious symbols. Each spin provides a moment of suspense and anticipation, making this a high-octane selection when it comes to entertaining video slot games.

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