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Secret Code Introduction

The game Secret Code is very commonly found in both land-based and online casinos. The total game play is different in Secret Code, which is more like a wallflower, waiting patiently to be noticed. This game is designed by NetEnt, which offers players something different. This game is an exciting game from the old West which is played with three cards. The card game Secret Code is still an extraordinary betting excitement for most by far of clients of land-based and online gambling clubs.The game play or rules differ from region to region. But through online portals, you can play with other region players, only with the help of NetEnt. It gives you the realistic feel as of playing in the land based games. The game quality is simply superb with the realistic graphics and sounds. This is also a game which deals with the bet and winning money, by playing with the cards.

Game Symbols

Secret Code is an energising card diversion. Play against the merchant; get two open cards and one shut. The point of this fun and unique diversion is for the third card to be between the estimation of the two open cards. Cards from Jack to Ace tackle their number quality, from 11 to 14.

In-Game Multipliers

The point of Secret Code is to get the third card whose rank will be higher than one of the initial two cards and lower than the other card which means at the end of the day, its rank must be situated inside the supposed spread. The positions of cards in Secret Code are standard, yet not every one of them gives the typical number of points. Cards from two to ten are checked by quality. Jacks give 11 points. Queens give 12 points. Kings are 13-esteem cards and aces bring 14 points. The scope of wagers differs from 100 Euros for each hand. The hypothetical payout rate is 96.84%.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

This game from NetEnt do not offer any bonuses.

Golden Wild Symbol

There is no Golden Wild symbol in this game.


Secret Code is certainly an awesome game to get to holds with and an appreciated expansion to any player’s scope of favored games. Secret Code is a basic yet very alluring game. It doesn't require the clubhouse a drawn out readiness and preparing for clients. So get yourself adapt with the ideal procedure, which can help you to ace Secret Code rapidly.
Secret code slot

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