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Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill Introduction

Microgaming has taken a fresh approach on at two standard characters from an old rhyme in nursery school and integrated into its Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill release. The heroes in this game, Jack and Jill, have grown and developed into flirtatious characters. The primary symbols in the slot are a hunky Jack and buxom Jill. It also includes a pail of water plus a first aid kit which is required for the broken crown of Jack.

Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill - The Theme

This online video slot is played over 5 reels with 20 pay lines. Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill is a recollection of nursery school rhyme involving a couple that went up a hill to collect a pail of water. After several Jaeger bombs, Jack falls down and his crown gets broken with Jill following after. However, in this game, Jill is a buxom temptress while Jack is a chisel-jawed yokel. Jill appears to have made Jack stumble over by lashing off her top.

Game Play Features

The Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill has very few features, but still make it an equally exciting slot to play. What it lacks in the number of features it makes up for it in the game play experience. Some of these features are:
  • Wild (logo)
  • Pail of water (scatter)
  • Five Jacks for jackpot
  • Free spins
  • 2x multiplier
  • 4x multiplier
  • Bonus game
The features may not be as thrilling as in the previous games, but the graphics on the reels are superb. However, for slot diehards, the Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill provides a worthy gambling experience.

The Symbols

The wild symbol appears as the Jack & Jill logo in the Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill, which can also replace all the other symbols. The Wild operates as a 2x multiplier when it appears in the winning combo. At least three scatter symbols on any of the reels can trigger the free spins bonus. In the bonus round, any winning is multiplied by 4. The Rhyming Reels Jack and Jill also contains a bonus game feature

Five Jacks for 15,000 Coins

The water pail acts as the scatter symbol. You can win the jackpot of 15,000 coins if you hit five Jacks. On the other hand, hitting five Jills wins you 10,000 coins. It is also possible to form winning combinations through a mix of Jacks and Jills. The Wild is represented by the Jack & Jill logo, which can substitute for all symbols in the slot game with the exception of the Pail. All wins by the Wild are doubled.

A Pail of Water for 15 Free Spins and a 4x Multiplier

When you get the pail of water, you can activate the Free spin feature after landing at least three of them on any part of the reels. The player wins 15 Free spins coupled with a 4x multiplier making it a fun slot to play. The real deal is in collecting five pails of water. They activate for you the bonus feature, as well as an award 10,000 coins.


The Rhyming Reels Jack & Jill slot game is one you can look forward to playing. Even if its top jackpot is not that huge, the Free spins and multipliers can give you the power make an enormous win for yourself. There are, however, fewer exciting features that come with the slot compared to other previous releases by Microgaming in the Rhyming Reels sequel (Old King Cole) due to its second wild, gamble button and variable multiplier. It is recommended for gamblers looking for a slot game that is simple yet interesting to play.
Reels jack and jill slot

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