Pyramid Quest for Immortality


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Pyramid Quest for Immortality Introduction

Pyramid Quest for Immortality is another one of the games which run in the NetEnt software. This game will take you to the world of pharaohs and ancient Egyptian culture. The mystical music, which is played in the background, adds to the complete feeling of the ancient hood. Unlock all the treasures behind the slot by spinning the wheel.The game has a lot to offer to you. There is a total of 720 ways by which you can make your fortune. With a theoretical payout of 96.48 percent, this 5 reel game is definitely one for yours. If you love to try your luck out in the casino, why don't to try here. You will certainly be able to take all the money from the ancient Egyptian treasures without much effort.

Game Symbol

The game symbols used here are quite a simple one and easily understandable. Basic alphabetical symbols such as A, J, K, and 10 are used here in this game. Well these symbols are used in such a manner which depicts the ancient Egyptian art for. When you start, the reel giants stone like structure appears which later takes the form of the above symbols when gets settled. These are all about the basic symbols which are used in the game. If we talk about some high-end symbols, getting which really mean something are symbols of Cleopatra, a cobra, an eagle, Tutankhamun and a scarab. Getting these symbols in a row means, you are going to get rich very soon.

In-Game Multipliers

Yes, Pyramid Quest for Immortality offers in game multipliers to all the players, if they manage to get specific symbols at the right time. The Avalanche Multiplier, what it is called in the game. If you manage to somehow get the winning combination of an Avalanche Multipliers you can get a hike from x1 up to x10. So try to make all the possible combinations of an Avalanche Multiplier come in a row and your payouts will be extremely overwhelming for you.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Sadly, no free spins are offered by NetEnt in this game but there is nothing to worry about. Instead of free spins, Pyramid Quest for Immortality offers huge bonus features for all of the players. A plenty of big win opportunities are there for those players who gets a perfect combination of an Avalanche Multiplier and Wild Generation. In short, Pyramid Quest for Immortality can be defined as a game with lots of quick prizes and lots of luck. You will need your luck so that you spin the best possible combinations to make your rich.

Golden Wild Symbol

The symbols which will land on the top of 2, 3 and 4 reels will end up being your Wild Symbol. Thus go ahead, try to make such combination comes true for your own benefit.

Game Key Features

The game has some key features, which you need to know. These are:
  • 5-reels, 720 ways to win. Thus increasing your chances of big win
  • The game offers huge bonus features such as wild symbol, avalanche multipliers and wild generation
  • You can play betting €0.10 to €200 at a time.
  • Frequent wins keep you interested all the time


Enjoy this fun slot from NetEnt and you will be amused in the same way as other popular slots from the state of art game developer.
Pyramid quest for immortal slot

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