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Pontoon Introduction

Pontoon is another one of the exciting game offered by NetEnt. It is as same as the game blackjack. The only difference between the Pontoon and Blackjack game is that here dealer's cards are dealt closed and you can play up to five cards trick. The game is played with a pack of 52 cards (expect jokers) and the main motive behind the game is to beat the dealer by gaining as many points as possible up to 21.Receiving total points of 21 is Pontoon that is you have defeated the dealer and are the ultimate winner of the game. All the cards represent same values as the cards themselves, while the king, the jack and the queen represent 10 points and ace is either one or 11. It is up to the cards you have in your hand.

Game Symbol

There are no specific game symbols used in Pontoon. Everything is just like the blackjack game with all the same rules. Just the names are changed here in this game. Like "blackjack" will be said as "Pontoon", “Hit" will be said as "Twist", 'Stand" is the "Stand" and "Double" is the "Buy". Although these are not symbols still you will need this to play Pontoon in a perfect order.

In-Game Multipliers

The multipliers offered in the game are pretty much unique in their own way. As per the NetEnt official payout multipliers you can get Basic Box - 1:1, Pontoon - 2:1, Five cards without bust - 2:1 Which is as much as 99.59 percent. So there is a huge chance for all the players to win great prize money for themselves.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Well, sadly Pontoon offers no additional payouts to any of its players except for those which are mentioned above. Don't get disheartened, the in game multipliers are enough to make you rich, if you play with proper strategy.

Golden Wild Symbol

Since Pontoon is a game played with cards, there are no specific golden wild symbols used here in this game. All you need here is strategy and a quick luck.


As since, Pontoon is one of the variations of Blackjack, it will prove to be a great game for you. If you have already played blackjack many times, then it won't be much of a problem for you. Thus you can try your luck out here to beat the dealer in all way possible. The best part of playing the game is, it is a simple one and can be easily understandable. Hence, one will never face any difficulties in understanding the concept of the game.Well if you really are looking for some new casino games with which you can make quick money, here it is. All you need to master in your strategy and every other game can be yours. With great payout benefits, it is easy to make money, which you might never have imagined.
Pontoon slot

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