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Pandoras Box Introduction

Here is another one of the most amazing games by NetEnt. If you love to play slot games, which will bring you more and more fortune every time you play, then Pandoras Box is definitely for you. With all those symbols and images, belonging to Greek mythology is enough to give you thrills.Those who might be wondering what this game is all about here is a quick overview of the game. What we all know from the ancient history is that Pandora was handed over a jar by Zeus containing all foul spirits contained in it and once she opens up the jar all those spirits gone out to the outer world. This game is basically based on the particular theme where a spinner not knowing about the consequences spins the wheel.The results can be favorable or un-favorable, no one knows. But if you manage to get all the symbols same, then there is no looking back for you. You can win huge amount by playing this game. All you need is a good luck charm.

Game Symbol

The Pandoras Box symbols mostly featuring Olympus Gods and Goddess especially Zeus. The scatter symbol here in this game is represented by the Goddess. The developers tried their best to provide all the players with the actual feel of Greek Gods. Well if you get those favorable symbols in a play-line you can get attractive bonuses and prize amounts as prescribed by the NetEnt.There are two wild symbols used here in this game, one is a Zeus which is a wild one and other is also Zeus but in golden, hence Golden Zeus. The developers sure tried their level best to make the game so much vibrant and rich in graphics.

In-Game Multipliers

The game multiplier options are made available for all the players who get to score 3 or more scatter symbols in a single play-line. The Wild Zeus here will make your win multiplied 2 times whenever you get all the ancient symbols same expect those of scatter. Again, a lot more other benefits are offered by Golden Zeus, such as it will multiply your win by 4 times, which the Wild Zeus is not capable of. Therefore, all you need to do is betting and spinning the wheel. If your luck favours you, you definitely will get beneficial.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Pandoras Box offers no bonus features for its players but it sure does offer Free spins. If you managed to get 3 or more scatters (a goddess in this case) in a single spin, you are liable to get 10 Sree spins for sure. And is somehow it is accompanied by a Wild Zeus, the Free spins get multiplied 3x.

Golden Wild Symbol

Here in this game, two types of wild symbols are used. One is "Wild Zeus" and the other is "Golden Zeus". Each of which has much wider range of benefits from each other.


Here is a great opportunity for you to make money out of your luck. The game has already many with lots of benefits and huge prize amounts. Pandoras Box might really prove to be a great game if you opt to try your luck out here. It is a simple game. All you need to do is spin and win. If your luck favors, you will no doubt make a lot in here!
Pandoras box slot

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