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Neon Staxx Introduction

Have you ever wondered what will happen to a video slot game if neon colors, from blue to purple, and creative symbols are used? The answer can be found in the Neon Staxx, a neon and retro-inspired video slot game from NetEnt. For casino players who love to party and enjoys a colorful take on casino games, then Neon Staxx will push fun to the next level.

Neon Staxx Details

Expect a party vibe with Neon Staxx video slot as soon as you spin the reels. Thanks to the use of neon, purple and blue and the use of pulsating sounds, this NetEnt game will take players on a journey back to the 1980s, and a time where neon is hip, fun and truly exciting. Also, the use of synthesizers, another 80s item, helps create a vibrant game that delivers any time. This 5-reel and 4-row game from NetEnt is loaded with the usual jackpot features that have defined some of the best video slot productions like scatters, wild symbols and Free spins. To add more excitement to the game, Neon Staxx also offers the SuperStaxx feature, where players are given an opportunity to get stacks of in-game symbols.

Wild Symbols

The game offers the metallic ring that comes with the word ‘Wild’ as its wild symbol. Just like in other games, this metallic ring can substitute for all other symbols to create some of the game’s winning combo. This symbol will be shown during the main game, and in Neon Staxx’s Free spin round. Wilds are not just replacements; these symbols can also offer you winning combinations which are often better and bigger than the usual winning combos. If the player gets 3 wilds to form the winning combination, this can offer 15 coins. Players who will get 4 wilds in the combination will be treated to 30 coins, and 5 wilds in the winning combination get 200 coins.

Free Spin and Scatters

Scatters can deliver Free spins to the player, provided at least 3 scatters are discovered. Players can get 10 extra spins if there are 3 scatters that are shown on the reels. Four scatters will give players 15 spins, and 20 Free spins are given to players if they can match 5 scatters. This mode of the game can be opened using the main game, which means that extra spins cannot be earned during this mode.

SuperStaxx Feature

As a randomly activated feature of the game, SuperStaxx shows a stack of symbols, arranged starting from the top to the bottom. This feature will involve different reels, but will not include the game’s scatters.


Neon Staxx is a hip, colorful and modern game and slot production from NetEnt. Available in the NetEnt Touch format, this game can also be enjoyed using your mobile phone. The use of 80s-inspired music, neon and other creative symbols help make Neon Staxx a great game to play for players looking for an entertaining and profitable escape.
Neon staxx slot

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