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Lucky Numbers Introduction

Everyone has their own lucky numbers, and at this slot the lucky number is twelve. Why? Because you’ll need to advance twelve places up the trail if you want to win the biggest prizes. You’ll need to be the luckiest player around to win this slot’s great jackpot though! It features loads of fantastic things that all online slot players will love, including:
  • A classic slot machine design
  • Allows players to hold reels
  • Classic prize trail feature
  • Maximum bet of 10 coins per spin
  • 10 different paylines
The first thing that anyone will notice about this slot is its look, as initially you’ll see the slot in a first person view – just as you would if you were standing in front of a slot machine in real life. To further increase the realism of this slot, you can even pull the lever on the side of the machine to get the reels spinning. If you’d rather get as many spins in as possible though, you can simply enable the Autoplay feature and sit back as the game plays itself for you. It’s also important to mention that you can change the view at this slot, therefore bringing you closer to the reels – handy if you’re having trouble seeing what’s going on in the game.In terms of money, all players have to bet one coin per payline, however the overall cost per spin can be reduced by reducing the number of paylines played. Of course, less paylines means less chances to win though, so you should make your decision carefully. The highest paying symbol on the reels is the BAR symbol, while the bells and stars also lead to large prizes.

Lucky Numbers Bonus Features

While this would be classed as a classic slot machine, there is one fantastic feature that you should know about, and it revolves around the number trail to the left of the screen. If you’ve ever played a classic fruit machine before, you’ll know what it is all about, as you’ll advance up this trail whenever you spin in numbers on the reels. You can help yourself advance up the trail using the hold feature, plus the trail itself will also sometimes randomly hold in place.As you head up the trail, you’ll notice that some of the places have special features attached to them. So, you might get a free respin at some point, or you might be awarded with an instant cash prize. You could also get a go on the Matrix, which is the grid in the middle of the screen. When you do, you can win some really nice prizes. If you get to the top of the trail, you’ll win the jackpot – which can also be won by spinning in the BARs on an active payline.


Lucky Numbers is a classic slot, but it’s designed to appeal to a new breed of slot players – those who want their games to come complete with a great bonus game. It’s really simply to play, so why not have a few Free spins right now at Lucky Numbers?
Lucky numbers slot

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