Lost Island


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Lost Island Introduction

The fabulous Lost Island slot from NetEnt whisks players off to a magical forgotten island that it filled with mysterious ancient monuments, valleys and exuberant jungle vegetation. It is a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines on it.


The setting is a big part of the fun here, as you will quickly get caught up in the captivating atmosphere on the island. The interesting and unique gameplay is then all about finding lost artefacts and taking advantage of the wealth of bonus games that crop up as you play.The atmosphere is added to by the fact the island is half lit and half in darkness for some reason. Add in the enchanting music and you can see how easy it is to get lured in by the unique charms of the Lost Island slot.The symbols seen on the reels include things such as tribal drums, exotic flowers and other artefacts that belong on this mysterious island. The lower value symbols are the usual mixture of numbers and letters that we are used to seeing.Part of the mission for the player involves finding the ancient counting device that a tribe who once lived here made and left behind. This device and the game’s Wild symbol work together to help the search for big wins.Overall, this adds up to a slot game with a strongly mystical feel to it. The mysterious theme in the Lost Island slot is far more interesting than the themes used on many other slots and the relaxing gameplay is great fun too.


  • Free spins
  • Stacked wilds
  • Wild flowers
  • Mobile
  • Wild multiplier

Wild Symbol

The appearance of the Wild symbol is when this game really kicks into life and starts to offer its potential for big wins. For a start, the Wild Multiplier feature brings a handsome multiplier to winning lines that include the Wild Symbol.The Wild Multiplier that is to be applied is shown on the meter that sits in the top right of the screen. You will see that that with 1 Wild symbol you get a 1x multiplier, while 3 get you 3x and 5 will give you a massive 5x multiplier.

Free Spins

The Free spins feature starts off with an impressive set of 10 when you get 3 of the game’s Scatter symbols on screen. Even better news is the fact that a Wild symbol will be held on the reels during these Free spins.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is easily identified by the fact that it says Scatter on it. If you manage to get 4 of them then the Free spins amount is boosted to 20, while 5 of them give 30 Free spins. Free spins can also be re-triggered, which isn’t the case in every slots game.A Wild symbol also sits in the middle of the third reel during the Free spins. All of this means that the Free spins offer a terrific opportunity to grab some decent cash prizes.


There is enough that is unique on the Lost Island slot from NetEnt, to make it enjoyable to play even if you have played a lot of slots games in the past. The island setting and the range of bonus features means that it´s one of the most popular games out there!
Lost island slot

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