Great Griffin


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Great Griffin Introduction

A griffin refers to a mythical creature that was believed to be partly an eagle and a lion. You can imagine of a lion that has the head and wings of an eagle. In ancient stories, griffins were thought to be golden in color. Traditionally, they were considered to be custodians of stashes of treasure. It could be the reason why Microgaming chose the griffin for their Great Griffin slot game. The griffin is associated with wealth due to its role as a custodian of treasure coupled with its golden color thus giving the slot an appealing graphical presentation. It was easy for Microgaming to pick a creature straight from an ancient myth and license it for their commercial utilization. The concept has been turned into an amazing online slot experience filled with magical action, and a significant quantity of mystery thus making it a worthwhile experience.

Great Griffin - The theme

The storyline of the Great Griffin slot is based on a magical castle hat is invaded by griffins and sorcerers. The griffin, its egg, and feather, as well as the tools of the trade of a sorcerer, are illustrated by the mystical slot symbols.

Game Play Features

The slot has integrated some functions that add to the excitement of the gaming experience. They include: The Great Griffin slot has a somewhat unique wild symbol that differentiates it from the conventional ones that simply spin in across a pay line. In this game, the griffin flies across the screen while slashing its talons on the reels as it moves over them. Due to this movement, some normal symbols might be turned into wild symbols.

Scatter Symbol

The slot game can be played in 50 pay lines making the scatter feature a necessary tool for the players. Because there are numerous pay lines, the scatter feature has a tendency of spinning to the reel frequently. The picture of the Lady of the Castle represents the scatter symbol, and when a player spins in at least three of them on a pay line, they get awarded with a minimum of 5 Free spins couple with a set multiplier.

Free Spins

Microgaming has set the bar high with the Free spins feature on the Great Griffin slot. The slot can provide up to 10x multipliers on Free spins in cases where other slots provide only 5x multipliers. With a 3x multiplier the player enjoys 15 Free spins, a 5x multiplier gives them 10 Free spins while a 10x multiplier offers 5 Free spins.

Bonus Round

The scatter symbols are used in activating the bonus feature. However, the bonus can only be triggered on reels 2, 3 and 4. After activating the bonus feature, the player is allowed to select a symbol that can then be uncovered. When the Pick Again symbol is uncovered, they are allowed to pick again. Uncovering the Win All symbol means that the player wins everything that has been picked up to that point. To make it better, the Free spin multiplier is added when the bonus feature is triggered during Free spins.


The big advantage of this slot is that even if it does not have a progressive jackpot, a player can still win massively. On the other side, the Great Griffin slot can be complicated to play. It has many options for players with few mid-level winnings. All the same, you can keep pressing your luck for a win. The graphics give it an advantage over other slot games, and the audio isn’t that bad either. The game is recommended for players whose gambling budget are high since it requires patience for a player to make significant winnings.

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