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Fisticuffs Introduction

In this boxing-inspired slot game, players no longer need to wear their gloves just to participate in the gentleman’s game. With a minimum bet of 0.20 for every spin, players can now punch their way to massive prizes and a thrilling experience that that harks back to the early 1900´s when boxing was for gentlemen. For players looking for action and entertainment, then Fisticuffs will serve as the best bet for potential winnings and entertainment. Hear the ringing of the bells, the shouts of spectators and the punches thrown as soon as the reels stop to spin!Play Fisticuffs at Bahabet Casino - you might be the lucky one!

Fisticuffs Details

For this NetEnt grand production, the designers adopted a 5-reel and 10 pay-lines configuration, and offers players with massive chances for winnings thanks to the availability of different wilds, including Diagonal, Stacked and Straight. Based on published information, the theoretical payout percentage for this game is 96.7, and comes with a boxing feature that help add more action into the game.The game offers players the chance to win both ways, which means that winnings are possible in both directions, from left to right, and right to left. It also offers a knock-out in terms of entertainment and opportunities for fun, thanks to the combination of superb graphics and sound effects that re-create the action in the ring. The game can be played on both desktop and mobile platforms, and supports iOS and Android applications.

Game Symbols

The game is set against a backdrop of an old and classic boxing ring, with red curtains and a crowd outlined in the background. The symbols of the game are those one will traditionally associate with boxing like the boxer’s shoes, wooden stool, bell and boxing gloves. Players will also find the metal spit bucket with a towel. The lower-value symbols of this game are the stool, brass bell and the metal spit bucket. Higher game symbols include the golden cup, red gloves, golden cup trophy and of course the most elusive prize (and symbol of all), the embellished championship belt.

Wild Configurations

The wild symbols of Fisticuffs will replace other symbols in the game, and can create the game’s winning combinations. There are different wilds available that includes Diagonal Wild, Straight Wild and Stacked Wild:Diagonal Wilds - These can only form on second and fourth reels, and can assume the role of other symbols. If there will be one or two diagonal wilds that will be placed near the Straight Wild, the Diagonal Will will throw a punch to the Straight Wild, and all other symbols found above and below the Diagonal Wild will be transformed into wild symbols.Straight Wilds - These will only show on the third reel. If one or two Diagonal Wilds show on the same row together with the Straight Wild, the Straight will throw a punch to Diagonal, on reels first or fifth reel. Again, all symbols in between become wild symbols, thus creating winning lines. Get this, and the game offers the Boxing Feature Re-Spin.Stacked Wilds - When the Boxing Feature Re-spin has been activated, these wilds will be shown, and can be seen on the first and fifth reel.

Bonus, Re-Spins and Boxing Feature

Fisticuffs does not feature an independent bonus game. Instead, the bonus offers of the game are incorporated into the game play, particularly in the Boxing Feature. If the game shows two boxers knowing each other, additional Wilds will be shown, giving the player a re-spin opportunity. Once the re-spin has been activated, the Stacked Wilds will show on the first and fifth reels, boosting the potential for winnings.


Fisticuffs offer the same thrill, and customisation including Auto Play that are also available in many other NetEnt productions. With a maximum jackpot worth 100,000 coins and a knock-out theme and sound effects, Fisticuffs throws the right punches to become one of the most entertaining titles from NetEnt’s stable of new video slots. Browse through our online casino bonuses section to find a bonus to get started, or simply play for free - today!
Fisticuffs slot

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