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Evolution Introduction

It isn’t often that a new slots game concerns the origins of life and the evolutionary process, but that is exactly what the sparkling Evolution from NetEnt promises us. Will you be fascinated by the process of evolution while you try to get a big win in here? The graphics and animations in this title are as colourful and attractive as we have come to expect from this top game developer.

Game Symbols

The symbols include a variety of primitive creatures making their way through the different stages of evolution in a murky, underwater habitat at the dawn of life. The creatures featured in this slot all have terrific names such as Albus Slugus, Draconius Rex and Basilisk Pluma. They have all been designed with a great deal of care and attention, leading to unique characters that look fantastic on the underwater reels.One of the little touches that make the Evolution slot from NetEnt stand out is the way in which the reels spin from the bottom upwards, instead of in the typical top to bottom way. This is presumably in keeping with the game’s idea of evolution moving upwards over time. There are 25 fixed paylines spread across the standard 5 reels and gameplay is very simple and intuitive.The game’s music fits in very nicely with the imagery, as smooth, ambient music and bubbling water sounds play while you spin the reels. When you win the music picks up for a few seconds before settling back down again.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

The game’s Free spins option is triggered by the Scatter symbols. At least 3 of them are needed for a set of Free spins to be awarded and just 2 of them will get you a cash prize. These Scatters are the symbols that say “Free spins” on them and they offer one of the game’s best features as well as one of the biggest chances of a good win. With 3 of them you get 10 Free spins, 4 give 15 and 5 are worth a handsome set of 20 Free spins.Once in the Free spins feature, the game’s Evolution feature can help players to move up the evolutionary ladder with each successive win that they grab. This sees the game’s lower value symbols start to disappear and be replaced by higher paying alternatives, which means that potential wins are increased at the same time.

Golden Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is also easy enough to spot in Evolution, as it is the one that says “Wild”. This is something only ever crops up on the second, third and fourth reels, where it can replace anything other than the Scatter symbol to make up a winning line.In terms of big prizes to be won on the base game, the flying rodent creature is the highest paying symbol. By getting 5 of these symbols you will win the smashing Evolution cash jackpot.


Overall, this is a very clever slots game that is based on a quirky theme and sticks to it all the way. The Free spins and Evolution feature are the undoubted highlights. Once you start moving up the evolutionary ladder by discarding the lower paying symbols you will feel that you are well on the way to a brighter future.
Evolution slot

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