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Disco Spins Introduction

If you ever heard or read about the Disco Dance rage of the 1970s, then the Disco Spins is a true revisit to the swinging disco dance days of the retro era. Whether you love to spend your Saturday nights doing a jig or not, this slots game is sure to tickle the dancing chords in your heart. Designed by gaming major Net Entertainment, this slots game aims to let its players experience the musical world of Disco Dance and play to its melodious beats. Quite in keeping with its name, it’s an extremely groovy game with a colorful video that can churn out mind boggling spins and a great win.Dedicated to the who disco dance fever, this game is replete with some super cool disco numbers, attractive dancers and the Disco Ball, of course, reflecting the colorful and enigmatic world of disco dance. This video slots game has a total of 5 reels and 3 rows with 20 fixed win-lines.

Playing the Disco Spins

This game unlike many others designed by NetEnt is not heavy on features, but the overall experience and the net gains is what matters. Every Disco Dancer has got a color of their own starting from gorgeous red to vivid green to a vibrant yellow and royal purples too. Overall the reels are split into 15 discotheque or blocks of dance-floor and these change colors with every spin. Normally the Disco Dancer would have the same color as the block on which it appears and instantly transforms into a Wild-symbol unleashing wins and payouts. The primary features of this game include: The game has no progressive jackpot or other gamble features. But the Scatter and the Wild symbols more than compensate for the lack of it.

Scatter Symbol

This symbol is marked by the Disco Ball. If you get 3 of these on the reels while they are active Free spins ranging from 3 to 5, get activated. Further players get the option to opt for just Disco Spins. In that case, only the Disco Dancer and the Scatter symbols will appear through the Free spins and further amplify the winning prospects.

Free Spins

These are triggered by Scatter Symbol when 3 of them appear simultaneously on the reels. Players can choose to play 15 regular Free spins or 10 Disco Spins as per their strategy. A payout in case of regular Free spin would be 3x the coin value.

Bonus Feature

The Bonus feature is the most attractive and profitable feature in this game. This comes into play once the Free spins get activated. Apart from options of re-triggering the Free spins, it is also possible that 2 scatters can yield 3 more Free spins and in case a player lands with 3 scatters, they get the luxury of 15 Free spins further facilitating greater wins from the same initial pay.


Overall this video slot offering from NetEnt, Disco Spins is an absolutely exciting game coupled with cool disco music and unmistakably disco themed background score. With a bit of luck, any reasonably seasoned slots expert can hope to make the big bucks using this game. The fact that the Free spins can re-triggered on multiple occasion further broaden the scope of winning.  
Discospins slot

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