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Dazzle Me Introduction

If gems and stones catch your fancy then rest assured that you will have a great time playing this game and also bag significant gains. An amazingly quirky reel game, this one will keep you enthralled on the slots. You get to choose from a wide array of gems and eventually turn them into dazzling gains expanding your profits. The constant wins and spins continue to keep the viewer interest on. The innovative bonus games and features in Dazzle Me are quite striking and manage to attract a wide number of players comprising of both seasoned veterans and beginners.Released in August 2015, Dazzle Me is one of the rather recent launches from the NetEnt stable. Its unique feature list makes it a standout new entrant and helps it score over the competition by a wide margin. The novelty in the game’s layout structure is an absolute winner and attracts slot lovers in wide numbers across the board.

Wild Reel Winnings

This no doubt is the absolutely unmissable bit of the game. From the wide choice of the 20 possible pay lines, the sapphires and emeralds are amongst the lowest prizes on offer and are at times worth close to 20 coins. The rubies and amethysts are little more expensive at 30 coins. The bells get you get you the top billing up to 100 coins, and 7’s buttons can yield the player close to 200 coins.

Bonus Games

The fun in this game begins with the unfolding of the bonus games, and one of the star features in the entire game plan is Dashing Wild Reels Bonus. This bonus can be awarded to the player at any time and any of the 5 reels can turn wild. It is possible to convert it more than once, and the Wild symbols as expected have the capability to replace all symbols excepting the Free spin Symbol. This makes it possible to create lots of payable prizes including a Spin-in 3 or more Free spin Symbols. 3 of these symbols can easily trigger 8 Free spins, and if you get 4, you can trigger a whopping 12 Free spins. If luck is really on your side and you manage 5 Wild symbols, you can even generate 16 Free spins.


It would be fair to conclude that the charm of Dazzle Me lies more in its win potential than the technical or design elements. The fact that your winning potential gets 760x boost is a big catalyst.Dazzle Me can be played at many online casinos, including Play Club Casino.
Dazzle me slot

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