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What Can We Expect from the Best Casino Bonuses in 2020?

Far from their brick and mortar cousins, the world of internet casinos is one of constantly evolving specials and bonuses. Much is this is owed to the flexibility of the digital design, which opens up an entirely new realm of crowd-pleasing opportunities. So how did we get to where we are now, and what might we expect in terms of online casino bonuses in 2020?

Modern Casino Bonuses

At this point, online casino bonuses run an enormous range of different offers. Commonly, the top casino bonuses UK wide focus on two key avenues. The first of these avenues is called deposit matches. These deposit matches work by matching a player’s deposited cash, up to a certain amount, and at a certain percentage.

The second common avenue of modern bonuses takes the form of free spins. These operate in a specially chosen selection of slot games, giving players the chance to wet their beaks before putting real money down.

So, how did we get here?

The Early Days of Online Casinos

Online casinos found their way into the internet arena earlier than many users might think. This is due to how well online casino games interfaced with the limitations of early internet-capable devices.

Unlike the biggest AAA PC games at the time, casino games derived their early success through simple to play and difficult to master systems. This mean flashy graphics were nice, but hardly a necessity. It was this simplicity which allowed these games to thrive, and quickly a competitive market started to grow.

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It was this competition which led to the development of the first-ever online bonuses. Casinos here gave out whatever seasonal and bonuses promotions they could think of to gain their share of the pie. In time, these would settle into the deposit matches and free spins we see today.

Into 2020

Looking at new developments in the iGaming world towards 2020, it is clear that the fundamental landscape of online casino gaming has changed. What used to be a limited range of simple games has now become a sprawling labyrinth of different options. Complex graphics, thousands of slots, and the explosion of live-casino games have all changed the way this world operates.

In terms of bonuses, this means many new paths to explore.


Perhaps the most promising potential of new bonuses is born from the rise of gamification. This refers to overarching systems which apply to websites and service. Gamification commonly allows users to level up their accounts, which grants access to special bonuses and offers, as well as VIP club promotions.

These have been in use for some time, but recent adoption rates of HTML5 look to raise this potential to the next level, thanks to the capacity for additional interactions and the introduction of more sophisticated web page elements. As HTML5 makes gamification systems easier to implement, and since their popularity has exploded in recent years, expect 2020 to only further push this trend.

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Seasonal Bonuses

As the world grows more connected with each year, the barriers between seasonal holidays have begun to blur. Halloween, for example, used to be strictly confined to the United States. For the last decade or so, however, this holiday has seen itself become increasingly ingrained in international culture.

Making the most of holidays like these could give casinos the perfect excuse they need to broaden out their approach. The suitability for seasonal bonuses might depend on the casino and what it targets, but in general, we can see this becoming a much more common pursuit.

Live Casino Bonuses

Live casino games have seen surges in their adoption recently. This growing popularity is owed to how effortless they fuse the convenience of at-home play with the excitement of live gaming. While this has led to more casinos adopting this technology, there is still some catching up to do in terms of making the most of the opportunities live gaming presents.

The easier option in 2020 might be to open up traditional casino bonuses in such a way that they apply to live casino games. While this is sometimes already possible, this real-time play area still needs some work before it approaches full integration of casino bonuses.

Evolution, not Revolution

As the groundwork for much of the future of online casinos has already been laid, we wouldn’t expect a complete reimagining of what is already popular.

Instead, 2020 is more likely to take what we already have in new and exciting directions. While only time will tell which of these will take hold, there is no doubt that 2020 will be an exciting year for the online casino industry.

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