Play Roulette Using the Hollandish Betting System
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Play Roulette Using the Hollandish Betting System

Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games both online and in real life. Regardless of the version of the roulette you are playing, adrenaline spikes, surprises — both pleasant and unpleasant – and hours of fun are unavoidable.

Although entertainment should always be the number one priority of why you are playing roulette, learning new strategies and applying them can only boost your gambling experience. One thing needs to be clear right from the beginning – you cannot ‘beat’ the house. The RTP and house edge percentages will always be the same for all players, regardless of the way you are placing your bets. Although the machine is preprogrammed to randomly reward players, it will keep a certain percentage of all the money wagered at the casino over a longer period of time.

If that’s the case, then why should you even be bothered to spend time learning various roulette playing strategies, such as Hollandish? You will be more calculated than the other players when knowing exactly what your next move is going to be and why you’re making that move. It makes the entire budget management issue a lot more simple and allows you to eliminate the risk of spending too much by knowing exactly how high your next bet is going to be, without ‘following the gut’, as that’s what most gamblers do sooner or later into their sessions.

How Does the Hollandish Work?

Essentially, you’re focusing on three bets at a time. Just like Martingale and Fibonacci, you can start with the lowest possible stake and increase the amount when needed. What makes Hollandish different from any other betting system out there is that you’re betting the same amount three times in a row.

The outcome of those three bets determines what your next step is going to be. Two things could happen:

  • Repeatedly betting the same amount three times
  • Increasing the amount and sticking with it for the next three turns

Although starting at a minimum required stake is the best choice, we’re going to use $1 as a starting point in order to make calculations more convenient. The first step is to place $1 on one of the 50/50 chance fields – red or black, odd or even, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. You’re going to repeat this two more times — three in total — and see whether your bankroll has moved up or down. In case you won two out of three bets, you would be up by $1, which means that you’re going to bet $1 three times again.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’re going to lose two or even all three times. At this point, you want to increase the bet size to $3 and place it three times. Keep incrementing the stake by $2 until your bankroll moves up after the third roll. That’s when you restart and go back to the original bet. In case you break even, it’s your call, although starting over is highly recommended, especially if the last bet you placed was fairly high.

Advantages of Using the Hollandish Betting System

One of the reasons you might opt for the Hollandish is that the bet size does not increase exponentially, as it does with Martingale. Instead, it takes a more safe approach to profitability. Have a piece of paper or a text file on your device to track how many times you have repeated a certain bet, as making a change after only two, or more than three tries, can cause a small disaster for your balance.

This system is more suited for those who have a low budget and wish to maximise their odds of winning. Even if you stumble upon a losing streak, you’ll have more playtime than those who opt for other strategies. Although you will lose money, you’re one step closer to becoming a gambling veteran who understands the risks of playing roulette and depositing real cash.

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Hollandish Betting System Cons

Just like any other roulette strategy, Hollandish has one obstacle that makes it impossible to eventually win each and every time – the total bet per round limit. That’s why playing at online casinos that provide a wide betting span, such as RivieraPlay Casino, BetAt Casino, Split Aces Casino, BonzoSpins Casino or Energy Casino, is the key to success.

Keep in mind that, even if you choose the casino that has the highest upper stake limit for roulette games, there is a chance that you will eventually hit it and lose a lot of money. That’s why appropriate preparation done by setting a budget and your stop losses might be even more important than applying the strategy itself. You won’t get close to the limit as fast as with some other systems, but you’ll need to hit it successfully twice or even all three times at a certain amount in order to make a profit or at least break even.

Getting up to the amounts you feel uncomfortable gambling with is where your stop loss should be. If you ever get to it, simply accept that you’ve had bad luck and either restart the process or try something new.

Gamble Responsibly

Being mentally prepared and knowing what’s the maximum amount of cash you can lose in one session makes the entire process of gambling a lot more enjoyable, as you will avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with huge bets.

Make sure that you never deposit more than you are comfortable with losing, and never gamble with real money while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It might seem like something fun to do with friends on a Saturday night, but you’ll most likely regret it in the morning, and you’ll probably forget about the Hollandish strategy you started when halfway through the game.

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