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Posted in Industry, Promotions November 13, 2016

Casino Gamification – Changing the Player Experience

In a highly competitive online casino environment, online casino operators strive to provide the gaming public with the best selection of games, and the best casino promotions. For many casino operators, the answer comes in the form of extra Free spins applicable for certain video slot productions, and some work out deposit bonuses to motivate players to deposit and play more. But for the most progressive online casinos, they are betting on a different casino promotion – online casino gamification. The idea behind casino gamification is simple – throw in some elements of gameplay and fun competition among players, and engage casino players better. The strategy of social gamification has been a tested strategy for many leading online casinos including Casumo Casino and Kaboo Casino, and a promotion that players can now enjoy.

What Makes ‘Gamification’ Works Among Casino Players?

Gamification as an online casino strategy is different to traditional promotions since it incorporates different elements of game and game design in casino gaming. With this strategy, casinos offer players a chance to take on a number of game-related elements like role playing, leaderboards, earning points and passing through different levels. In short, casinos that offer gamification provide a fun gaming environment, defined by friendly competition among casino players. It also offers players a chance at an adventure, whether in the collection of loyalty points or earning prizes at each level.

For many casino operators, the idea of combing gambling and games together called ‘gamification’ can heighten the entertainment and the excitement of the players. Also, casino operators are counting on gamification to draw more players to sign up and play for longer hours. Aside from the points and prizes that can be earned at different levels, there is also a sense of social interaction that occurs within the gaming environment. Thanks to unique in-site adventures and tournaments that are hosted by the casinos, players get the chance to socialize and form relationships with other casino players. In short, casinos use gamification to engage a loyal set of customers and casino players.

From Casumo Casino’s ‘Casino Adventure’ to Kaboo Casino’s ‘Missions’

Some of the best online casinos are betting on casino gamification, and now is the best time for casino players to enjoy the promotion. Just take the case of Casumo Casino, operated by Casumo Services Limited, a casino that offers a casino adventure for players. Gamification is front and center, where players take on a winning journey, collecting points, trophies and valuables along the way. By playing the games at Casumo, casino players get a chance to earn free cash and points along the way. The longer a player plays the games, the better the chances of winning the points and prizes. As the players progress through different levels through collection of points, players can earn Free spins and free cash. And to spice up the excitement, players are also treated to a Casumo Casino Challenge where casino players take on a mission by playing video slot games. Once players complete a mission, they unlock rewards and the title. The top 30 players who successfully complete the missions using the least number of spins win the challenge.

The same missions and corresponding prizes can be enjoyed as well at Kaboo.com. At Kaboo Casino, casino players get a chance to enter an alternate world where they can take on a mission. Once an assigned mission has been completed, the player will be awarded with ‘Echoes’, a unique currency used in the world of Kaboo that can be used to buy Free spins. In short, Kaboo Casino gives players a sense of ownership of the games and their casino adventure.

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At Casumo Casino, casino player experience and satisfaction take center stage. Bonuses and Free spins are central to the offerings of Casumo Casino, and one of the biggest promotions offered is its Welcome Bonus package. New players who will create an account with Casumo can be rewarded with up to 30 Free spins on Book Of Dead and an extra £300. Good luck from all of us! T&C apply - please follow the link below.

Take Advantage of Casino Gamification, Sign up today!

Gamification is no longer just a trend for many online casinos. Today, gamification is now a regular promotion in the best online casinos. Get a chance to discover a new casino experience; to join the missions on Kaboo Casino, players must first register an account with the casino. Just by signing up for an account with the site, new players enjoy a huge collection of bonuses including 105 Free spins. Once a player has completed the registration, he can choose a mission to complete. This can be done by clicking the ‘Mission’ tab, where all missions and the amount of spins or ‘Echoes’ that can be won are listed. The same is true with Casumo Casino Adventures – to enter a new gaming environment, interested players should sign up for an account, and start playing the games. The casino offers a progress bar that will help new players navigate through the different levels of a new casino adventure. The progress bar will display the points won, the level achieved, and the valuables won.

Gamification has redefined the way casino entertainment is delivered to regular casino players and enthusiasts. Get into the action, and discover a new way of playing casino games and winning cash prizes. Sign up for a new casino membership, make a deposit and discover a casino adventure of a lifetime!

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