The Incredible Hulk Scratch


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The Incredible Hulk Scratch Introduction

If you are attracted to the incredible peers that Hulk possesses within him than this game might prove to the game for you. Just like the amine character, Hulk here also has incredible peers which when unleashes provides you with tremendous benefits. The Incredible Hulk Scratch runs on Playtech´s gaming platform which is indeed much swifter platform as compared to any other gaming platform. Generally, there are two versions of such games are available for all one offering 25 lines and other offering 50 lines which are based upon the difference in bet levels. Apart from this, both versions possess same features.

In-Game Multipliers

If you are wondering about the in game multipliers, yes it does offer a wide range of multiplier options. However, it depends on how you play the game and which symbols appears on the reels. If you manage to get Incredible Hulk Symbol, it will trigger the Free spin round for you and each of you wins gets tripled in a single instance. Again the smash features offered by the game also triggers multipliers for you. Basically, when you manage to get hulk symbol on reel one and five, the smash feature gets activated. In here you are (representing Hulk) surrounded by police cars and helicopters and if you manage to break one out three helicopters, you get multipliers.

Free Spins and Bonus

The game offers attractive Free spins as well as bonus features. The whole game revolves around a single character i.e. hulk. Hulk acts as a scatter symbol as well as a wild symbol. If you manage to get hulk in any of the reels, it will provide you with extra benefits. Take for instance, if you manage to get the symbol anywhere on the reel as a scatter symbol you will get ten Free spins for all.Again if it appears on reel 1 and 5 the smash features if the game gets activated where hulk smashes police cars, which appears on the screen, providing you with more Free spins. The same provides you bonuses on various accounts. All you need to do is to get the Hulk symbols on any of the reels. Doing so, you might get lucky and take back a handsome amount back home.

Golden Wild Symbol

The Hulk here is the wild symbol which only appears on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. When it appears it provides all the users with exclusive benefits.


This game here is quite an attractive one. Once you start playing The Incredible Hulk Scratch, you will definitely get fond of it. With so many features this indeed is the best game developed so far. The free spins and the bonus features offered in the game provide you with great opportunities to play and at the same time win a huge amount. The two versions of the game allow you to bet as per you can. There is no doubt you can win some real cash by playing this game. A lot of people who loves to play spin games at casinos will find this game a better alternative than any other spin game. Think about it. You have a chance to make your dreams come true and win a whole lot of cash in just a matter of minutes.

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