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Iron Man Introduction

Are you a big fan of the characters of the Marvel comics? Then Iron Man is the perfect game for you. The main attraction of the game are the characters they provide you with such as Tony Stark, the Logo of Iron Man, Iron Man, Laser-Shooting hero, a Suitcase and the Missiles. The most valuable character among all is the Scattered Logo of the Iron Man. The slot also includes conventional letters and numbers. If you succeed in saving two or more scatter icons on reels you can also get a good payoff.In order to play the game, one needs to fix a bet and a coin size twixt 0.01 and 5. The player can bet maximum up to $5 per line. The game also involves 5 reels and 20 paylines. After that you need to click the spin button to begin. There is also a feature named Auto play provided for players to avoid interruption.

Game Symbols

This game slot provides you with many symbols such as the basic symbol, the stark industries briefcase, missiles, the iron man and the scatter symbol. The basic symbol is the standard one based on playing card ranks, which range from 9 to Aces. The stark industries briefcase and the missiles are just bit more advanced than the basic symbol, but they require 3 of a kind to get a victory.The Iron Man symbol is found in two different types. The first one is the Flying Iron Man, which flies through the air, and the second is the Striking Iron Man which is defiant on land. Both carry armour and work normally but are the high paying symbols. The Scatter Symbol is none other than the Iron Man Logo used to trigger the bonus. This feature gets activated when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on screen at a time.

In-Game Multipliers

This game slot has a great multiplier feature. In order to win a multiplier, one should have a control over the shooting process of the hero, while gathering 2 scatter icons during the round. The multiplier starts with 2x and increases by 1x up to 6x of the last two spins. This way the multiplier keeps on increasing after every 2 spins. The player would receive bigger wins in the last two Free spins as they would be multiplied by 6. With the help of this feature, this game has won the hearts of various people.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

The game slot provides you with various Free spins if played with utmost control. To get 15 more spins, the players needs to gather at least 2 scatter icons in the round.The bonus in this slot is nothing but the Missile Attack. You can make it out by Bonus icon which pops up on the screen, after hitting 3 or more Iron Man symbols on the reels. If you shot off 3 Missiles, you are rewarded with a cash prize, Free spins or a bet multiplier, which can substancially increase your winning chances.

Golden Wild Symbol

Iron Man slot includes various symbols but unfortunately there is no golden wild symbol in the game. The features like multiplier, Free spins and bonus rewards along with various symbols are wild enough to make the game interesting.


Iron Man slot was launched by Playtech in 2009 and is now holding the top position in its popular games list. The slot got popular as it was theme based, as well as it included storylines from the comics with attractive graphics, bonus features and highly earning jackpots. The success of the slot and its demand gave us two sequels in 2010 named Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3. Although the sequels gave more features with unexpected twists, Iron Man has remained the favourite world wide.
Iron man slot

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