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Haunted House


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Haunted House Introduction

Slot games are available in different themes and genres, and packaged with the best prizes and bonus features possible. The objective of software designers and game providers is simple- to provide the slot-playing enthusiasts and casino regulars with a chance to get instant wins while enjoying the game. This is exactly the same formula followed by Playtech in most of its slots games, including Haunted House slots. Yes, based on the name of this game, this production offers a spooky treat for regular slots players. If you are up for a spooky, scary but profitable time, then Haunted House slots game from Playtech will deliver the screams.

Haunted House Details

Done in black, with the witch and Dracula in the background, this Playtech slots game definitely sets the mood for a different kind of slot gaming experience. With vampires, bats and coffins as the main thematic symbols, this 3-reel and 5-pay-lines game will definitely scare you, and also provide various opportunities for winnings. Adding an extra layer of spookiness is the sound effects, a perfect choice for this unique slots game. The symbols that you will encounter in this game are the same items that one will see during a visit to a vampire’s lair, including but not limited to coffins, flaming candles, Golden Chalice and garlic and crosses. The maximum jackpot for this game is pegged at 1,800 coins, and the payout percentage is calculated at 94.50%. Also, this game does not feature the usual scatters or wilds.The maximum bet that you can play is 5 coins, with a theoretical payout rate of 96.71%.

In-Game Symbols and Potential Winnings

The garlic symbols and crosses are two of the high-paying symbols of Haunted House. The idea behind this slot game from Playtech is to score at least three similar symbols in order to start winning. For example, if you can get five garlic symbols in the reels, you not only keep vampires at bay, but you will also win the big jackpot. The amount that you will take home depends on the chosen lines. The jackpots offered by Haunted House will range from 1,000 to 5,000 coins. Stakes, crosses, candles and coffins will also offer potential coin winnings. If your next spin managed to get three crosses, the game will reward you with 300 coins. Three coffins will get you 200 coins, and 100 coins are reserved for three stakes.The cloves of garlic are not just your potent weapon against vampires; these symbols also serve as the ‘cherries’, which means that these are linked with in-game payouts. For example, if you get one in this game, the game offers you five credits, and getting two cloves of garlic gives you back 25 credits.


Haunted House is anchored on an entertaining promise, unfortunately, players who are used to other high-end Playtech slot games will find some missing details. For example, Haunted House lacks wilds and scatters that are common in many Playtech slot productions. Although some critical elements are missing, the theme of the game and the choice of music and symbols make Haunted House a worthy game to play during your free time. Browse through our online casino bonuses section to find a bonus to get started, or simply play for free - today!
Haunted house slot

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