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Final Score Introduction

In the present era, the casino and the sports players cannot be isolated from each other. The recent sensation is the football sport, which is growing huge in popularity day-by-day. There are millions and millions of fans who find themselves engaged in various activities of football. And, if you are one such diehard fan of football, here you are at the right place. Yes! Final Score Playtech is one such slot game that offers more and more fun in the form of Arcade games based on Football.The Final Score slot game is designed and well published by Playtech all over the world. The brand has put forth some efforts and they have focused mainly on bringing up the game to reach mass people. They also have pushed their boundaries with the advent of the Final Score game which is an amazing game. They also have put efforts to bring Slot games based on World Cup Theme.

Game Symbols

The major symbols that are found on the display of the screen are the types of bet icons (match bet, total-goals bet, special bet, and correct score bet), cards, chips, goals, and penalties.

In-Game Multipliers

You may pick which two teams you wish to conflict with each other. At Final Score, you’ve an opportunity to draw the venue between two top sides of the football and then wager on this outcome. You may wager just on the home win, draw or away win or, in the event that you are feeling braver, then you might wager on the right score, or aggregate scores and numerous specials. Case in point, in the event that you are supporting 2 to 1 home win, simply put down the wager in some help of home side for winning that score. Assume you think one about the objectives might be the punishment, you may back the “penalty scored” for opportunities to win. You can part a wager crosswise over 2 results; one stake along these lines will cover both 1 to 0 and 2 to 0 victory.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

After choosing two teams of Football, your screen will be loaded with a large panel of betting. From this point, you will be allowed to grab numerous opportunities of betting. The payouts will vary according to the teams you have chosen. Following are the wagering chances of the RTP:
  • If the home to me wins the match, then the RTP wager is 93.53%
  • If the home away team wins then the RTP wager is 93.20%
  • If the match gets to draw, then the match result found attached with RTP wager will be 94.39%
Moreover, you are allowed to wager your winning amount on the bonus round. Here you have to guess the penalty shot’s result. By winning this round, you can double your amount which you have won in the last bet. But, if you lose you will lose the amount you have won.

Golden Wild Symbol

Final Score slot has no golden wild symbol.

Key Game Features

  • Turbo Bet: If you pick to turn on and initiate the Turbo Bet alternative the amusement won’t use the number up clock and the last score of your match will in a flash be shown, without you having a pass up blow record of every objective score amid the match or any extra events amid that match.
  • Auto Bet: You can set the Final Score Football game to play itself naturally and this is finished by selecting your bets and the stakes you wish to put on every bet then selecting what number of matches you need to wager on by means of the Auto Bet choices, you can then kick back and observe every diversion playing out.
  • Repeat Bet: By tapping on the Repeat Bet catch your already put bet will in a flash be set again for you, without you


This is a virtual game, which fulfills all you dreams of playing the football match, alongside winning the matches by utilising the bonus round button or the collect button to win or double the wager amount during the play. You can enjoy and win some huge amount during the gameplay.

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