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Elektra Scratch Introduction

Elektra Scratch is an action-stuffed, moderate development, little scale film which may even bear more than one overview. If you take a perfect chance to sit through the opening scenes for this new online space from Playtech, then you'll know you're onto something to be appreciative for. Elektra Scratch is clearly checking the legend of that eponymous character and his band of happy men and the story is in safe hands here.This is twenty pay line preoccupations which happen against the landscape of a Forest in harvest time. It's joined by a sensibly medieval soundtrack. The principal pictures are addressed by weave playing cards while the higher worth ones are all related to the theme. It's simply put, a thrilling scratch card game, enough to satisfy any players, at any time!

Game Symbols

This perfect game works in that reels development to the other side when you have a triumphant blend. You can, as need be, win again – cup heads will bear on "moving" to the other side if you win. Along these lines, the multiplier goes up to 2x, then up to 3x in conclusion up to 5 times. Pay exceptional personality to the Money Bag images. These are accumulated in the fortune waists under each head. When you assemble 4 Money Bags in a fortune waist, you will trigger the Free Spins reward round for yourself. Trade Bags out the fortune waists are set something aside for 1 year after the last preoccupation, so you won't lose your headway.

In-Game Multipliers

When you get four sacks in the same box, you get a solid match for ten free curves, in the midst of which one of the characters (on the customer's choice) would fill the part of an extra Wild. In the midst of these turns, the wild can appear to be exactly at the three last heads. A measure of the bet, which is staked in the midst of these turns, depends on the bet, which you staked in the midst of the guideline turns. The condition inclusions that are very necessary to follow can be found in the measures appropriated in the instructive zone. Free Spins incorporates extra free curves (five turns for two pictures and ten for three). This picture doesn't appear in the essential redirection.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Elektra Scratch doesn´t offer any rewards.

Golden Wild Symbol

There is no Golden Wild image in this amusement.


Elektra Scratch from Playtech is unquestionably a wonderful diversion to get to hold with and an acknowledged extension to any player's extent of favoured amusements. It is a fundamental yet extremely charming amusement. It doesn't require the clubhouse, a drawn out availability and get ready for customers. So, get yourself adjusted with the perfect methodology, which can help you to expert this super engaging amusement quickly.

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