Skrill and EcoPayz - Discover Which Payment Solution Can Bring Out the Best Gaming Experience
Posted in Industry February 15, 2018

Skrill and EcoPayz – Discover Which Payment Solution Can Bring Out the Best Gaming Experience

In the search for the best casino where one can play and enjoy, the presence (or absence) of reputable payment platforms often come into the discussion. And who would dare ignore this critical casino concern which can eventually make the difference between a memorable casino affair and a forgettable one. Just like the availability of top casino games, the presence of a wide array of payment platforms can define the casino experience. With the right set of payment facilities, players are afforded flexibility when completing transactions, from deposits to withdrawals, and they can complete these in a fast and secure manner. And speaking of payment solutions, the usual bank transfers and credit cards are making way for e-wallets and innovative card solutions are the preferred payment facilities. Today, most of the popular online casinos list Skrill and EcoPayz as their highly recommended payment platforms, and players are taking notice. Here, we take a look at these two platforms, compare and contrast them so you will know which one will suit your playing needs and lifestyle.

Skrill and EcoPayz – Solutions Offered

Started in 2001, Skrill has managed to simplify digital payments online, backed by its secure facilities. Available in Personal and Business accounts, Skrill allows its customers to transfer money online and pay for different kinds of services, including gaming and casino services. To use it, a customer will simply create a free online account using a verified e-mail, and this e-mail can be used to send and receive funds, store cards, link bank accounts and even withdraw money through the ATM.

EcoPayz on the other hand offers card-based payment solutions, allowing its customers to send and receive funds anywhere. Owned by PSI-Pay Ltd and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, members can count on secure transactions every time. Opening an account with EcoPayz is free, and casino players can choose among different products that can suit their needs and lifestyles.

EcoAccount. Interested customers and players can open an EcoAccount for free, without the need for bank account or credit cards. No set-up fees are charged, and this account can be used to pay in more than 45 currencies.

EcoCard. Available in 3 currencies, the EcoCard is designed as a prepaid card which can be used to pay for goods and services online.

EcoVirtualcard. This works directly with an ecoAccount, and can be purchased even without the need for a credit card or bank account. These virtual cards will expire after use, so there’s no need to worry about unauthorized usage.

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Privacy and Security, Compared

Payment solutions should never be compromised, and both Skrill and EcoPayz understand this. To ensure the protection and privacy of its members, both these payment platforms implement security measures.

For Skrill, it uses Google Authenticator and the 2-Factor Authentication to protect the privacy of all transactions. This means that before a member can use the account, he is advised to enter a code, together with the verified e-mail and password.

EcoPayz protects its customers through a number of security checks and technologies. All transactions that are completed by members are encrypted using Transport Layer Security protocol and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Also, the servers used by the company are physically separate, and highly secured. The company also complies with the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Systems (PCI and DSS) so you can be sure that you are protected from fraud.

A Look at the Fees and Limits

On top of the differences in the products and payment solutions offered, Skrill and EcoPayz also vary in terms of fees and limits. As a casino player, it’s best that you also know the prevailing fees or limits before you can make a decision.

At Skrill, customers can count on low fees, and if the transactions are made at a retailer that accepts the wallet, then these are free of charge. Also, receiving funds on the Skrill wallet comes for free, and uploading funds to the account can be free, except in certain cases which are explained by the company. Currently, Skrill lists down 12 options that can be used when funding the account, with fast bank transfer free of charge. The highest fee can be encountered if one uses Paysafe Card at 7.50% percent of the total amount. To withdraw funds, there are 3 options available – choose from bank transfer, Visa or Swift. Visa charges 7.50%, making this your most expensive option withdrawing funds from the Skrill account.

EcoPayz on the other hand lists down a more complex charge rate, depending on the type of service availed. There are 4 services available EcoVirtualcard – Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP – and each service comes with specific rates for different services. Fees start as soon as the card has been issued and activated, at €1.80. For all cash services made using the cards, customers will have to pay 4%, with a minimum amount of €0.80. All other transactions, including card cancellations and processing come free of charge. For EcoCard, the same rates apply for cash services. When it comes to withdrawals, EcoPayz charges 2%, with a minimum of €1.50.

Between the two payment platforms, Skrill offers low rates, and a great choice if you will receive funds online. Receiving funds come free of charge and sending money is charged 1.75%, which is lower than the cash service charge of EcoPayz. But when it comes to withdrawals, EcoPayz serves as a cheaper alternative.

Choose a Payment Solution that Suits your Lifestyle

Both Skrill and EcoPayz are popular solutions online when it comes to casino payments, but they vary in many ways. As an informed player and customer, you should know the specific solutions offered by both platforms, and fees involved. If you are looking for a simple and clutter-free way of managing your finances online with lower fees, then Skrill is a great choice. Recently, Skrill has refocused its branding, offering specific services for the gaming industry, making this an ideal choice for casino players. Most casinos process Skrill instantly, or within 24 hours so your wait is shorter. If you love to shop in different stores online and offline, then EcoPayz will work wonders. Accepted in online and offline, EcoPayz offer a more flexible solution outside the casino environment.

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