Mobile Gambling Solutions in the Face of Technological Progress
Posted in Industry July 30, 2017

Impact of the 21st Century Tech on Mobile Gambling Solutions

Almost 2.5 billion people are using smartphones today and a large number of them use mobile gambling solutions regularly. Mobile gambling is a multi-billion industry that leaves no country untouched. It’s true that in some places, this or any other type of gambling are forbidden. However, this doesn’t stop people from getting creative and finding ways to enjoy their favorite games.

The developers of mobile gambling solutions certainly ease their task as they create software that makes playing easier. These programs run smoothly on the smartphones and tablets of today. Most importantly, they push the tech capabilities of these devices to their maximum.

Mobile Gambling Solutions in the Face of Technological Progress

Technology develops by leaps and bounds today with every month bringing us closer to the incredible tales of science fiction writers. The gambling industry has always been at the lead of adopting innovation. Those businesses have sought solutions that will entertain and engage players. The 21st century tech progress certainly provides opportunities for this.

Smartphones and tablets are the most rapidly advancing devices in the world today. It’s only natural that the most progressive online gambling businesses target them. Mobile gambling solutions are getting more fantastic by the day as every new release introduces something innovative.

Some of the accomplishments the industry can boast today include hundreds of mobile casinos, integrating of social media networks into the gambling experience, and even virtual reality (VR). Smartphones have become an essential part of many people’s lives. It’s great to see that such a popular form of entertainment has adapted to this platform.

In fact, the mobile gambling industry is the most fast-growing on all gambling types. With the revolutionary solutions introduced by developers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech, its profile is getting even higher.

VR Mobile Gambling Solutions – The Future has Arrived

Virtual Reality technology is slowly but surely becoming a new ‘normal’ in the tech world. Today it’s not a stuff of fiction or an exclusivity available only to the privileged few. The demand for VR equipment is so high all over the world, the manufacturers actually struggle with satisfying it.

It’s definitely true that this technology is still on the expensive side. However, there are waiting lists for VR helmets despite the cost. iGamers are at the forefront of those waiting hordes. VR games have started to gain worldwide acclaim in 2016. Now, less than a year after, they are already a common thing among players.

The first online VR slot was released by NetEnt in the beginning of 2017 and today we have quite a few online casinos offering this experience. The number of VR games has increased as well, although they are still only slots.

This situation will definitely change as the new generation of Samsung smartphones hits the market. This company has announced that their next major release will have a ‘dedicated VR Mode’ powered by Vulkan™ API.

The developers of mobile gambling solutions are definitely going to use the power of this device to bring online casinos to this platform. This technology allows for incredibly vibrant 3d graphics that will make the experience much more ‘real’ for players.

Apple doesn’t miss a beat in their competition with Samsung and their new iPad Pro offers the same opportunities. Every gambling software developer today understands that mobile technology is the future. They also realize that one has to cater to both iOS and Android users. This is why every major iGaming app is released for both platforms.

The Role of HTML5 in the Development of Mobile Casino Solutions

At the moment, the vast majority of mobile casino applications use the HTML5 technology. It allows to make online gambling experiences truly interactive by introducing geo-location, animations, etc. In most cases, these solutions are also able to run on both mobile and desktop devices. Therefore, players don’t have to adjust to any gameplay changes.

Due to the use of HTML5, mobile gambling solutions have become a valid competitor to brick-and-mortar casinos. The number of people gambling from their smartphones and other mobile devices has already exceeded those who choose desktop PCs. Global statistics on this matter vary, but the thing that remains true is that the number of people using smartphones is getting bigger. Some countries, like Great Britain, even go as far as to abolish 2G networks.

This means their residents will have no choice but to use smartphones. Having a tool like that at your disposal brings everyone an opportunity to engage in some online gambling with ease. The availability and growing quality of mobile gambling solutions has the owners of brick-and-mortar casinos rather worried. At the moment, they are believed to be out of the danger zone as mobile apps can’t match the experience they provide. However, with the VR technology going strong and even smart watches offering gambling solutions, this might change.

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