Finding the Best Online Casino Bonuses
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Finding the Best Online Casino Bonuses

Looking for the best casino bonus might sound simple at first because almost every online casino nowadays has at least one to offer. But we are talking about finding the best out of the best on the current market. That means constantly browsing through hundreds of online casinos, trying to figure out which ones are available, and how much value you can actually get from them down the road.

The search for the best casino deposit bonus could turn into a nightmare, especially if you keep changing casinos and spend money in each one, just to find out there’s nothing else left to claim once you’ve spent the initial reward.

That is why HitCasinoBonus has a dedicated portion of the website reserved for anyone who wants to find a bonus that suits them. Players can find bonuses by using enhanced search filters on the Casino Bonus page.

What to Look For?

Before browsing our list of casino bonuses, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. How experienced are you when it comes to online gambling? How much do you plan to spend on, let’s say, a weekly basis? Which games do you enjoy the most?

More questions pop up each time you answer one, but being honest and having a plan from the very first moment will result in finding the best casino Welcome Bonus. Also, you can expect a much more enjoyable gambling session every time you decide to play.

Welcome Bonuses

HitCasinoBonus currently shows 24 different casino bonuses in the search filter on the Casino Bonus page. However, it all starts with the Welcome Bonus. This is most likely the very first promotion you’ll stumble upon, or maybe even the first thing you’ll see when visiting an online casino. The reason is that this is the most valuable bonus casinos tend to offer to their players.

Welcome Bonuses come in different shapes and forms, and they can be separated into several unique bonuses, such as the first three deposits. Luckily, our search filter analyses every single possibility, allowing you to get more precise search results.

We will answer all questions about Welcome Bonuses in our guide – find it here!

If you are a high roller, you definitely want to aim for more generous first deposit bonuses which may or may not be followed by one or more bonuses as part of the welcome package. The goal is to get as much money as possible for free from one giant deposit. These types of Welcome Bonuses tend to have extremely high limits but lower multiplying percentages, which is perfect for high rollers. On the other side, beginners and low bettors need something that has a huge multiplier with a low to a mediocre upper limit.

As you can tell, knowing how much you can afford to spend is quite important. That is why the second part of HitCasinoBonus’ search filter is filled with bonus amounts. Users can select different amounts and currencies which present the total amount awarded by casinos through the previously selected type of bonus. Even Free spins are included in the list; you can select them instead of cash amounts.

One of the best Welcome Bonuses out there right now, is the one from Temple Nile Casino.

Featured Casino


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Temple Nile is a young and revolutionary online casino, offering hundreds of games and a 200% bonus for the first deposit bundled up with 30 Free spins. If you think that sounds great, wait until you hear about the second and the third deposit promotions! Read this comprehensive review and get ready for some action!

No Deposit Bonuses

Total beginners should definitely look into no deposit bonuses. Some casinos even promote their welcome package in a form of no deposit bonus. This is quite common for brand new casinos that are looking to attract as many new customers as possible.

One thing to be aware of when opting for casinos only a couple of weeks or months old is the licences. Do not even bother wasting your time in a casino that is not licensed, as there are hundreds of others that are. This allows you to gamble without stressing about upcoming deposit or withdrawal requests.

No deposit bonuses can sometimes award only Free spins instead of real cash, which can be a much better deal. They are usually tied to one or more slot machines, making them perfect for anyone who enjoys exploring new things on the market.

Want to know more about no deposit bonuses? Check out our great guide!

Reload and Cashback Bonuses

These are separate categories on our list of bonus types simply because casinos tend to name them differently, although they are essentially the same thing. Just like the name itself suggests, you can get a cashback and reload your wallet, getting back at least a portion of what you have lost while gambling. However, this is not something to rely on as most of these bonuses become available only once your balance is low or completely emptied out due to bad luck.

On the other hand, they are a great way to recover from bad sessions. Unfortunately, those happen to almost everyone at some point.

Still curious? Read more in the ultimate guides – Reload Bonuses and Cashback Bonuses.

VIP and Loyalty Programmes

As you can tell, we are listing the bonuses chronologically, as Loyalty programmes and VIP bonuses are something that takes time to claim, unlike standard deposit or no deposit bonuses we mentioned earlier.

Just like new players are rewarded with massive boosters at the very beginning, regular and loyal players also get a piece of the pie at some point. These two bonuses can also be named differently, which is why choosing more options while using our filter is sometimes a good idea, although that contradicts the idea of narrowing down the search results.

Some of the most common practices in online casinos are reward points and loyalty points. They are accumulated passively, without the need for players to do anything else besides play their favourite games on a regular basis.

A certain amount of money spent on placing bets is converted into special points. You can later use those points to buy things from the website or you can convert them back into real cash. Although the conversion rates aren’t great most of the times, that is money you wouldn’t get back if it wasn’t for one of the programmes, so it is a 100% win-win situation for you as a player.

And of course – we have a comprehensive guide for VIP Bonuses as well – find your answers here.

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