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Posted in Industry December 1, 2016

Enjoy the Best Features of Playing Mobile Casino and Mobile Slot Games On the Go

Whoever thinks that the casino gaming industry’s popularity is on a downward spiral should rethink his position. According to recent industry reports, the remote gambling industry rakes in an average of £21.54 billion, with the United Kingdom leading the way in terms of massive revenues, with more than £700 million (2009-12). But one of the true metrics of the popularity and promise of casino gaming is mobile gameplay. In mobile casino gaming, players and casino enthusiasts are given the chance to play their favorite casino games anytime, using their smart phones.

According to industry estimates, mobile accounted for 51 percent of the social casino revenue, making this the biggest platform in the casino industry. Casino operators are also reporting a surge in registrations through mobile channels. This means that mobile casino is the next frontier in casino gaming, and casino operators are pulling all the stops to create the best mobile gaming experience and jackpots even on the go. And for the casino enthusiasts and players, this development serves as a great opportunity to discover a new gaming experience that’s both entertaining and highly convenient.

But before you take out your smartphones and join the mobile gaming revolution, its best to discover the recommended tips for the new generation of mobile casino player. 

Invest in a High-Quality Smartphone, With Specs Designed for Mobile Gameplay

Sure, the entertainment and excitement that players can get from mobile casino are defined by the theme, sound effects and the availability of massive jackpots. But when it comes to an almost-realistic and authentic casino mobile gaming experience, you will need a smartphone with specs designed for mobile gameplay. Casino gaming is about immersion and visual stimulation, thus you need a smartphone with a large screen size. Smartphones with under 4 inches in screen size are not suitable for mobile casino play. Casino table action becomes more fascinating and exciting if the graphics and details are more pronounced. Some of the best smartphones for gaming are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Nexus 6P, HTC 10 and OnePlusX. Among these smartphones, the Galaxy S7 Edge holds the ‘edge’, thanks to a wider screen, which makes it better to watch and play slot games, and the availability of ‘Vulcan Graphics API’, considered by many as the next big thing in graphics display for mobile gambling.

iOS or Android? Deciding on What Platform to Use

There are two mobile platforms that are readily available in the market – Android and iOS. Both platforms are rich in specifications that can run and host online gaming, but when it comes to gambling, iOS makes a better option. The reason for this is that the Google’s Play Store does not accept applications from poker rooms and real money online casinos. Apple allows real money online casinos, making your iOS your best bet when you want to download casino apps, play and bet on-the-go. But if you have an Android phone, but still wants to play, you can still gamble and have fun. What you should do is to go directly to the online casino website, and download the Android mobile app on your compatible phone. For example, Bet365 Casino supports iOS devices with at least an iOS8, and Android 4.4 or higher.

For players who do not wish to download the casino applications, the casino entertainment is still possible through a no-download feature. Many casinos will identify a link that can be placed on the browser, and the player will be instantly directed to the casino, loaded with casino games.

Read up before you play

Although registering an account is easy, maintaining this account and playing on the move can be tricky. This is why an understanding of the Terms & Conditions and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page should be made. These resources can guide you through logging in and out, depositing funds, and in managing technical difficulties, like lost connections or phone incompatibility.

Other Reminders and Tips to Maximize Mobile Gameplay

  • Always identify a secure user name and password for the mobile casino
  • There are costs involved in using and playing mobile casino applications. For example, your mobile service carrier will charge you for data services. Make sure to contact the service provider for data charge details. Most casino games are available in 100kb size, on average
  • Poor graphics and game performance are often linked to the quality of the devices. If the games feature jerky graphics, you can turn off the sounds first.

Mobile gameplay is the future of casino gambling, and casino operators are scrambling to fill the needs of players and enthusiasts. Take advantage of this development by signing up for an account, and maximizing the potential of mobile gaming. With games like video slots, poker and baccarat available on your smartphone, casino gambling become more personal, fun and highly entertaining!

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