Lightning Fast and Industry Compliant Now Available to Meet Online Casino Users’ Needs

London, July 13, 2018, a leading online casino affiliate website that offer online casino reviews and bonuses, slot game reviews and user guides as well as industry news, remains committed to providing the best online casino services and experience in a responsible manner to its users. This is seen in the latest initiatives implemented by the team behind the affiliate. One, it has managed to comply with new regulations for tougher standards imposed on online gambling advertising as announced by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) earlier this year. And two, it now boasts a much-improved website, with faster response times and many added resources in order to educate users. With these recent updates, HitCasinoBonus solidifies its standing in the market as a one-stop hub for all iGaming needs.


Operating since late 2016, HitCasinoBonus has consistently provided the market and casino players with online casino, slot game reviews and other guides in a professional manner. It now offers 160+ online casinos reviews of some of the industry’s best online casinos, has more than 500+ online casino bonuses listed and have published over 250 industry articles that aims to keep users updated on the industry trends as well as the latest promotions. Guides are also constantly added, written by experienced iGaming professionals.

With the recent marketing standards set by ASA and UKGC, approval of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the team’s unwavering commitment to service improvement, it saw the need to comply, update and enhance its online presence. The result is a fully-compliant and responsive online casino affiliate, with an eye for customer protection and satisfaction.

HitCasinoBonus Now Fully Compliant, Promises to Protect Player Integrity

With an increasing competition among affiliates and efforts to win players through promotions, the ASA through Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) announced new standards on how promotions on bets and marketing can be worded. This was seconded by the UKGC, and imposed the standards on its licensees, taking effect April 2, 2018. The team immediately acted on change, even before the deadline set by the Commission.

In a statement, the team shared its commitment to comply and continue its policy of protecting its users and their integrity. The team also added that “these are all changes we welcome. We’re also very happy to let you know that we are fully compliant on all fronts, including GDPR, and that all partners we work with are too”. HitCasinoBonus has already changed and updated its Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions ahead of time as part of its commitment to put users first.

Updated Website, Better User Experience for All Bonus Seekers

For HitCasinoBonus, excellence requires continuous improvement of its products and services. And it certainly lives up to its promise by consistently updating and improving its product. The content base of the website has been significantly expanded, with new guides focused on live casino games, progressive jackpots and coverage of the top-tier software vendors in the market that includes NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech. New tools and filers are also added including a “Featured” filter, a curated list by industry professionals, a specific UK online casino section and a separate listing for Free Spins / Extra Spins bonuses. In short, the website is now loaded with content and helpful resources, clearly making HitCasinoBonus a one-stop hub for anything related to online casinos and their offering.

All these new resources, tools and content are added without comprising usability and convenience. The development team has been working tirelessly to improve user experience, especially by reducing loading and response times. Today, the website is using the most advanced caching methods to load and display content stunningly quick. Recent tests made on the website saw a reduction in loading times by 50%, boosting the loading times of the site into the top 5% within its vertical. This has all been done with user experience at heart as well as focus on improving the mobile experience across the product.

With its investments on two fronts – compliance with existing advertising regulations and updating of its official product – HitCasinoBonus is better than ever when it comes to delivering user value, while adhering to regulatory and privacy requirements.


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