HitCasinoBonus Launches Its First Slot Game on Google Play, Promises a Wild Social Gaming Experience

London, September 6, 2018HitCasinoBonus.com, a leading online casino affiliate website that offer online casino reviews and bonuses, slot game reviews and user guides as well as industry news has added another milestone to its growing brand. Just this August, HitCasinoBonus launched its own casual and social slot game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot, which is available for download on Google Play. With this new social gaming app, casual players can expect a different kind of casino entertainment which can be played for free anytime, anywhere. Updated as of August 28, 2018, and on its 1.0 version, this game clearly captures the affiliate’s brand position: a commitment to player entertainment and satisfaction.


It’s a world of jewels and gems set against a tropical landscape in the background. With this theme alone, casino enthusiasts and casual players will find this new slot game exciting and truly entertaining. The game is presented with a 3 by 5 playing grid with all the standard features that define traditional slot entertainment. For this brand new slot game, players will be treated to an explosion of treasure and wealth complete with wilds, stacks, mystery symbols, in-game multipliers, super symbols and Free spins mode. While playing the game, players will be treated with a relaxing fusion of colors which is just perfect for a casual player looking for a game with loads of fun elements. The game is also loaded with standard slot features like Auto Play, Max Bet button, and a paytable that players can check at any time.

HitCasinoBonus' Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot on Google Play

Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot, a social casino slot by HitCasinoBonus. Enjoy hours of fun! Available for download on Google Play.

Casual Slot Game for the Casual Players and Enthusiasts

Designed as a social game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot is developed by an in-house creative team at HitCasinoBonus and offers a lot of fun opportunities without worrying about risks of losing money. As a social game, playing the game does not require the use of money as wagers; in fact – it’s not even possible! Instead, enthusiastic players can simply visit the Google Play Store, download the app and start playing the game anywhere, anytime. In short, this HitCasinoBonus slots is a win-win choice for casual players – play the game without having to worry about the bankroll. This social slot game is available for phones running on Android, with a minimum system requirement of 4.1. In-app purchases are also available which can help boost the gaming experience.

HitCasinoBonus, One of the First Affiliates to Launch Branded Slots

The release of this new slot app helped push HitCasinoBonus to another outstanding milestone. With the launch of the game, the affiliate becomes one of the first online casino affiliates to release its own casual and social slot game. With its editorial board collaborating with a state of the art math and game design by industry professionals, players can certainly count on a social slots that can directly compete with top tier casual slot games in the market.

While it’s loaded with features like a relaxing theme, Free spins and amazing slot features that can be unlocked, the main objective of this social game is to simply entertain and promote fun. In an emailed message, the team behind HitCasinoBonus shared their enthusiasm about the game, adding that this social casino slot is “aimed to create entertainment and fun! It’s yet another chance for our users to play a slot game on their phone, for free!” Collected winnings may not be swapped or winnings withdrawn, but the entertainment it brings is certainly priceless.

As a social slot game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot is a free play game, and ready for download from Google Play Store. The app developer takes no responsibility or liability with regards to the legal requirements related to the use of the app, and it’s understood that players are at least 18 years of age and have complied with the other requirements relevant to the regions or jurisdictions where they reside. But once installed on your Android device, this social slot game will certainly offer a memorable gaming experience courtesy of wilds, bonus, Free spins and bonus features ready to be unlocked!

About HitCasinoBonus.com

Launched in 2016, HitCasinoBonus has established a one-stop portal for online casino. It currently offers casino reviews, industry news and free to play slot games from some of the top software providers. Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot by HitCasinoBonus is available through Google Play, making it one of the first few affiliates to achieve this milestone. As an active online casino stakeholder, HitCasinoBonus is committed to Responsible Gaming through its Responsible Gaming Manifesto.

To learn more about the site, have a look at HitCasinoBonus.com or you can connect with the team through Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social channels using @hitcasinobonus.

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