Technologies Help Create a Secure Environment at Casinos
Posted in Industry March 24, 2017

Your Safety and Technology – Learn How New Technologies Help Create a Secure Environment

Online casino gaming offers players and enthusiasts a chance to enjoy massive jackpots, play premium games for entertainment, and connect with other players. But it also comes with serious risks to both the industry and the players – the casino infrastructure can get compromised, and player winnings and personal accounts can be hacked. This scenario may sound scary, but it also represents the next step in casino gaming evolution. With these challenges, online casino operators can tap into creative ways on how to protect players, and players too can enjoy the extra protection that operators can develop. The answer lies in new technologies that are now used in maintaining and operating online casinos. Today, online casino operators are now using a variety of tools and technologies to promote a secure gaming experience, and protect customers and players along the way.

Use of Random Number Generator

The use of the Random Number Generator is a popular use of technology in brick and mortar and online casino operations. This is a usually seen in slot machines, and in brick-and-mortar slot machines, these are used to generate random numbers, even when the machines are not in play. The numbers that are generated by the technology will determine the position of the reels, or if the player is going to score a winning combination. This is the reason why the microchip (RNG) is considered as the brain of the game, as it determines the placement of the reels and symbols. This means that the hit frequency (or the number of times combinations can be won) and the payout ratio are already set. There’s a big chance that the slot game can play out for days without a winning combination, or a winning combo can be earned on successive spins. The player’s speed is not a determinant of possible winning. The use of the random number generator on slot games is actually a security feature for both the operator and the player. It helps protect the business of casino operators by preventing player manipulation of the system. Also, the players are protected since all results are at random, and may not be manipulated to benefit the casino.

As a technology, the RNG is not a perfect tool and it may be compromised at certain times. This is the reason why online casino operators rely on regular testing of RNGs, through independent testing laboratories like iTech Labs. The company and other testing providers in the industry are tasked to certify the gaming systems found online including bingo rooms, skill-based games, poker rooms and other casino games. Once the tests have been completed, a seal or certification is often displayed prominently on the homepage. So the next time you browse an online casino and you noticed the seal or certification, it means that the RNG has been tested, and you are about to play in a secure gaming environment.

SSL – Transactions Secured, Protected

If you are a keen and responsible casino player then chances are, you have checked the ‘About Us’ section of the casino, or have browsed the homepage of the operator for licensing agreements and for SSL certification. For example, Betspin Casino offers an SSL certification, backed by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, allowing the casino to promote a safe and secure environment for transactions. The badge actually stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is considered a standard technology that’s used in online casino environment to ensure an encrypted link between a client and a server. Through the use of SSL encryption, online casino operators can protect sensitive information transmitted online, including personal data and credit card numbers. Technical Systems Testing (TST) is another third party that helps audit casinos for your safety. Of course, as you might have noticed, HitCasinoBonus is also serving you content over SSL.

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Varied Payment Options to Meet Your Needs

Gone are the days when casinos will only accept one or two payment facilities. Thanks to new technologies and the desire to accommodate new players, most online casinos now offer multiple payment options that can meet different needs and lifestyles. Some of the popular payment options offered by casinos are online wallets (Neteller and Skrill), credit and debit cards and through bank wire transfers. Each payment option often comes with strict procedures and validations to secure your payment or even withdrawals. Aside from the usual encryption for transactions, many casinos also offer a 72-hour verification, which means that payments and withdrawals are still subject to certain conditions or the submission of requirements. Although these will delay the release of payments, these extra layer of transactions and checks can help protect both parties.

Although the internet is full of risks, these are properly addressed with the right use of tools and technologies. Online casino operators now know the value of these technologies and security checks, and these are implemented to promote not just a satisfying casino experience, but a safe and secure one.

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