UK Gambling Commission Introduces Self-Monitoring Tools, Boosts Player Protection Online
Posted in Industry August 11, 2017

UK Gambling Commission Introduces Self-Monitoring Tools, Boosts Player Protection Online

Just like high-end and exciting gaming solutions, responsible gaming has become a stylish ‘catchword’ used online. Today, online casinos and game vendors and suppliers are no longer just committed to providing the market with high-quality gaming solutions and new gaming technologies. Responsible gaming and player protection are now treated with equal importance, helping change customer and player attitudes toward casino gaming and entertainment.

The latest move to integrate player protection and responsible gaming is the move of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to introduce more self-monitoring tools, in the hope of empowering casino players when it comes to playing casino games online. In this latest move made by the UK Gambling Commission, players will now have access to more self-monitoring tools that can help them track their online casino activities, and improve their gaming awareness along the way.

Putting Players in Control, One Self-Monitoring Tool at a Time

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most important licensing and regulating agencies in the world, tracking the operations of online casinos in the pursuit of providing casino entertainment. Aside from offering licenses, the UK Gambling Commission also promotes a more secure gaming environment, and it has been at the forefront of issuing regulatory notices to online casinos at its stable. And one of the latest moves made by the Commission is the addition of more self-monitoring tools that can help players and casino customers. The latest orders from the Commission are based on the consultations made with stakeholders, and reflect the long-standing priorities of the commission.

Based on the consultations made, the Commission advises the online casinos to give its members with access to their gambling and account information, so they can get a better picture of its activities. It is expected that casinos should give players and members with at least three months’ worth of information. And speaking of account and playing history, it is expected that the reports provided to customers and players should feature easy-to-understand information. The financial aspect of the activities of the members should be readily available as well, including the net deposits made, and casinos should be able to allow its members to set financial limits. In short, what the Commission is looking for is an informed consumer and player who can make responsible decisions when playing at online casinos.

In the words of the policy makers from the Commission, the online casinos must go beyond profits when it comes to operating their online casinos. Rather, casinos should be able to cater to the needs and requirements of its members and players. The players and members of the casinos must be given the opportunities and platforms to define their play, and exercise responsible gaming.

Popular Controls Now Used in Online Casinos

Different online casinos and gaming portals are now looking for ways on how they can help customers and playing members. Top-tier online casinos now feature a number of tools and functionality that can empower customers, and help them make informed decisions every step of the way. For example, Playtech has introduced a number of safety measures which can help empower its members, and these safety measures are seen from registration to actual gameplay. To help its members, Playtech has implemented ‘Age Verification’, ‘Limits’, ‘Deposit Limits’ and ‘Session Limits’.

In ‘Age Verification’, new players of the casino are asked to confirmed their age before they can become a full-pledged member. To verify the age and other credentials of the applicant, the casino reserves the right to confirm all the necessary details and information, and Playtech has adopted the use of a third party age verification system. Playtech also allows the players to set their stake or the bet limits. The limits that can be set by the player can be made on a daily or weekly basis, or can be done in monthly or even the current session. Through this initiative from Playtech, players can not set reminders for their future selves about the limits. Also, Playtech and other top casinos has implemented the ‘Deposit’ and the ‘Betting Limits’. These features can also help the players better understand their gaming strategies by selecting the bets to be played. Finally, most top online casinos today offers the ‘Session Time Limits’. This is also a Playtech feature which gives its members and players a chance to set the amount of time they can play the casino games. This is primarily available in slot games and productions, and set in 30-minute interval. Once activated, the player will be informed if he had consumed the first 30 minutes. Even in the middle of gameplay, the game will be interrupted, to inform the player about the play duration.

All these features and initiatives are part of the efforts to empower casino players, and make them informed stakeholders of the casino industry. And the latest order from the Commission is just one of the many steps taken to realize the goal.

This is obviously something we applause at HitCasinoBonus – iGaming should be fun, and when the fun stops – so should you! You can read more about important methods on how to play responsible at our site.

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