Top Jackpot Winners of the Spring 2018
Posted in Winnings July 10, 2018

Top Jackpot Winners of the Spring 2018

€2,667,743.19 at PokerStars Casino

In less than 24 hours after the drop of a €4 million jackpot, Mega Fortune from NetEnt made another multimillionaire. That’s a definite record and a sign that sometimes even the Lady Luck works overtime. This time, the happy player was enjoying some spins at PokerStars Casino.

This UK winner, however, redefines the term ‘luck’ as this jackpot dropped from a single €1 bet. Just like that someone’s life changed for the better. The happy winner told he nearly passed out and couldn’t believe that this actually happened.

He was not the only one. It boggles the mind that one progressive jackpot managed to drop two wins amounting to six million in less than 24 hours. However, this is the reality of online gambling today. Is it any wonder why people love playing Mega Fortune?

It’s also a coup for PokerStars as it’s their biggest win since the casino’s launch.

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PokerStars Casino

PokerStars Casino is one of the oldest players in the industry. Known for their fantastic offering when it comes to poker, they've recently expanded their platform to include casino. Games being offered comes from the key players in the industry, namely; NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Get started playing today by claiming their fantastic Welcome Bonus of up to 200% up to €400. Sign up today!

€6,719,561.71 at LeoVegas Casino

It was only in February when a lucky player won nearly two million in an Yggdrasil Gaming slot at LeoVegas Casino. The lucky streak of the casino continues as another of its players won over six million in Hall of Gods.

That’s another popular progressive jackpot from NetEnt. That’s a definite sign that this year this company rocks. And you might not believe it, but this win was another super-lucky case with the player placing only one bet of €10. That was definitely the best use of a ten in his life.

NetEnt players seem determined to become multimillionaires this year and they are succeeding at an astonishing pace. Same goes for LeoVegas players as this casino has already paid out over €16 million in mobile jackpots. That’s sure to settle the fears of anyone who believes their chances of winning using a PC are better. Mobile devices are certainly rocking it this year.

€3,773,845.27 at LeoVegas Casino

If you need any more reasons to play Mega Fortune at LeoVegas Casino, here’s over three million of them. This win by a lucky player in the end of May just proves that this game and this casino are loved by luck this year. Such a huge winning streak is unprecedented. And do you know that it means? This is clearly a pattern and we can expect up to ten more people to become multimillionaires with the help of Mega Fortune alone. NetEnt’s representatives should start writing congratulatory speeches in bulk.

As this is the fifth major payout this year, and it’s not even half finished yet, the situation with big jackpot wins fills players with hope. It does seem that the year 2018 will be record breaking in the number of big jackpots claimed. One can only assume what will be next, though betting on another huge NetEnt drop seems like a smart plan. If the streak continues, the company would pay out over €40 million by the end of the year. How many more people will share in that money remains a mystery that we are all anxious to discover.

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LeoVegas Casino

New players of LeoVegas has a great Welcome Bonus and of course the no deposit bonus you will have at registration. When a new player makes his first deposit, this online casino offers some great bonuses. Claim them today!

Multiple Wins at BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino is also on a roll this year. Players there might not claim multimillion jackpots, but they make life-changing wins quite often. April, in particular, was a good month, which made dreams come true for two BitStarz players. They won $148,023 and $59,413 respectively.

The winnings didn’t stop there and BitStarz has dropped two more huge wins since then. This includes $265,000 on Caisen’s Fortune and $206,551 on Book of Aztec. Such wins drop so often, they are becoming the norm for the casino and we can’t wait to see more lucky players getting huge amounts of cash.

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BitStarz Casino (or BitStarz Casino) is known to be the first Bitcoin casino among the category that offers you the privilege to play with either EUR or Bitcoins. A €500 + 200 Free spins Welcome Bonus offer doesn't make things worse either. Try this kickass casino out today!

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